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Dr Jon Rees

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Senior Lecturer in Psychology

I graduated from St Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College in 1992 after taking an intercalated BSc in infection and immunity at Imperial College.

I initially pursued a career as a medical microbiologist and worked as a specialist registrar until 2000. After a career break, I changed direction and took a conversion course at University of Sunderland where I stayed on as a research student before becoming a full-time Senior Lecturer in Psychology.

I am a cognitive psychologist with a major interest in research methods and statistical analysis including analysis of health and medical related data.

Teaching and supervision

I teach on the undergraduate psychology programmes and on MSc Psychological Research Methods. My specialisms are quantitative research methods, cognitive and biological psychology and the philosophical and historical underpinnings of psychology.

On the undergraduate programmes, I am module leader for the Stage 1 core module Foundations of Psychological Research and the Stage 3 core module From Lab to Life.

On the MSc Psychological Research Methods programme, I teach data analysis on the Research Experience and Practice module. I also supervise research projects on the undergraduate project modules.


  • I have a range of interests focused around Episodic Memory in its broadest sense from computational modelling of hippocampal function to aspects of episodic memory impinging on other cognitive abilities including the effects of mindfulness on cognition. Mainly prospective memory and false memories and the differences between trait and state mindfulness and ego depletion, motivation and cognitive aspects of self-control.
  • I am also interested in statistical and research design elements in health related projects (based at the University and with NHS partners).


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