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Dr Jon Rees

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Senior Lecturer in Psychology

I graduated from St Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College in 1992 after taking an intercalated BSc in Infection and Immunity at Imperial College.

I initially pursued a career as a medical microbiologist and worked as a specialist registrar until 2000. After a career break, I changed direction and took a postgraduate conversion course at University of Sunderland where I stayed on as a research student in computational and neural network modelling before becoming a full-time Senior Lecturer in Psychology.

In addition to a background as a cognitive psychologist, I have a major specialism in research methods and statistical analysis including analysis of health and medical related data and the design and evaluation of projects involving health improvement and innovation and in enhancing collaborative working with health professionals.

I am currently a Research and Knowledge Exchange Fellow working across the School of Psychology, the Helen McArdle Nursing and Research Care Institute and Sunderland City Council and I also work as a research design, evaluation and statistical consultant for the Academic Health Sciences Network, North East and North Cumbria (AHSN – NENC).

Teaching and supervision

My specialisms are quantitative research methods, cognitive and biological psychology, addiction and the philosophical and historical underpinnings of psychology. Over my time at Sunderland, I have led and taught modules across all undergraduate and postgraduate levels. For a number of years I specialised in teaching introductory research methods and ran the stage 1 cross curricular development weeks focusing on equality, diversity and inclusion, and gaming and adult play.

Currently I am module leader for and teach the stage 3 modules: Memory and Life, Psychology of Addiction and Advanced Quantitative Methods. I also run the stage 3 Clinical Psychology core module: Mental Health and Illness: applying and integrating.

I also supervise research projects on the undergraduate and postgraduate project modules and perform PhD supervision.

Research interests for potential research students

  • Health innovation and evaluation
  • Health inequalities and access
  • Statistical analysis relating to these topics


  • The majority of my research is collaborative within and beyond the University and involves using statistical and research methods expertise coupled with a background in medicine to design, implement and evaluate projects which enhance health outcomes and deliver innovation. I have a wide range of experience working with a variety of health professionals including pharmacists, physiotherapists, North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) and others to deliver projects which tackle health inequality and access to treatment on a local, regional and national basis. Some of the themes in my research include:

  • Enhancing access to and uptake of lipid lowering therapy to target cardiovascular disease risk including evaluation of novel injectable therapies, enhancing secondary prevention by working with clinical pharmacists and improving primary prevention in undeserved population using ambulance delivered roadside intervention.
  • Identification and treatment of undiagnosed bone health problems and the reduction of fragility fractures in both local and regional populations –https://bonehealth.thenhsa.co.uk/
  • Addiction and substance abuse including projects to tackle prescription opioid over-use and abuse across the north east and north Cumbria, smoking cessation in undeserved populations and cannabis use in young people in Sunderland.
  • Physical and mental health outcomes in NHS staff particularly focusing on the sequelae of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Enhancement of NHS practice and procedures e.g. evaluation of the GIT endoscopy diagnostic pathway in North Tees, implementation and evaluation of the HEIDI digital headache diary at Sunderland Royal Hospital, involvement with audit at sites across the region, development of a scale to measure staff confidence to deliver improvement at the RVI.
  • Working with colleagues in the Faculty of Education and Society and with Together for Children (Sunderland City Council) to provide statistical expertise, training and supervision as well as analysis. data mining, linking and reporting on large administrative data sets to enhance the experiences of children in the region.

Within the School of Psychology I continue to have an interest in episodic memory and particularly its role in episodic future thinking and collaborate with colleagues on projects looking at the lived experience of autistic people


Number of items: 34.


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Reports, briefing/ working papers

Rees, Jon and Martin-Denham, Sarah (2022) Investigating the demand on the children’s home accommodation provided for the looked after population in Sunderland City. Project Report. UNSPECIFIED, Sunderland.

Conference or Workshop Item

Adams, Clare, Smets, Elena, Maes, J, Rees, Jon and Topalovic, M (2024) A case study on the impact of Artificial Intelligence supported spirometry in primary care. In: The European Respiratory Society Congress 2024, 7-11 Sep 2024, Vienna, Austria. (Unpublished)

Graham, Yitka, McBride, Sam, Rees, Jon and Owens, Rebecca (2024) Psicología masculina y MBS: ¿por qué es diferente para los hombres? In: Sociedad Espanola de Cirugia de la Obesidad y de las Enfermedades Metabolicas (SECO) XXV Congreso Nacional, 22-24 May 2024, Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos, Oviedo, Asturias, Espana. (Unpublished)

Graham, Yitka, McBride, Sam, Rees, Jon and Owens, Rebecca (2024) Gender different approaches to metabolic and bariatric surgery. In: International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders 12th European Chapter Congress, 01-03 May 2024, Vienna, Austria. (Unpublished)

Graham, Yitka, Jones, Robyn, Rees, Jon, McBride, Sam and Owens, Rebecca (2024) Como abordamos las cuestiones de genero para maximar la perdida de peso? In: Sociedad Argentina de Cirugia de la Obesidad, Enfermedad Metabolica y otras Relacionadas con la Obesidad (SACO) 7th Congreso Argention, 20-22 Mar 2024, Hotel Costa Galana, Mar Del Plata, Argentina. (Unpublished)

Ayeni, Funbi, Ramshaw, Kathryn, Rees, Jon and Lakshmana, Palaniappan (2024) Analysis of complications associated with combined single stage anterior and posterior cervical spine decompression fusion surgery. In: British Association of Spine Surgeons (BASS) 2024, 20-22 Mar 2024, Bournemouth, UK. (Submitted)

Charlton, Karl and Rees, Jon (2023) Identifying high cholesterol in the ambulance setting: impact of a primary prevention programme to tackle health inequality. In: 2023 HEART UK Annual Scientific Conference, 5-7/7/2023, Coventry, UK.

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Richardson, Annette, Weiand, Daniel and Rees, Jon (2023) Development of a multi-professional self-assessment tool to assess QI confidence. In: International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare., 13-15/5/2023, Copenhagen.

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  • Quantitative research methods and statistical analysis
  • Analysis of health related data including complex and large data sets
  • Design, delivery and evaluation of health innovation and health enhancement projects
  • Mixed methods and questionnaire design
  • Research troubleshooting
  • Cognitive psychology – especially episodic and autobiographical memory.

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