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Psychology Staff Profiles

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  1. Sidra Afzal

    Dr Sidra Afzal

    Lecturer in Psychology
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  2. Linda Corbally

    Dr Linda Corbally

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  3. Stephanie Wilkie

    Dr Stephanie Wilkie

    Associate Professor in Environmental Psychology
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  4. Joe Butler

    Dr Joe Butler

    NIHR ARC Research Fellow/Lecturer in Psychology
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  5. Sophie Cormack

    Dr Sophie Cormack

    Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology
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  6. Chris Keech

    Chris Keech

    Senior Lecturer in Counselling
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  7. Elizabeth Dent

    Dr Elizabeth Dent

    Lecturer in Psychology
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  8. Rebecca Owens

    Dr Rebecca Owens

    Associate Head of the School of Psychology
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  9. William Webster

    Dr William Webster

    Lecturer in Psychology
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  10. Tracey Platt

    Dr Tracey Platt

    Principal Lecturer and Team Leader for Psychology
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  11. Sarah Pickup

    Dr Sarah Pickup

    Senior Lecturer
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  12. Jon Rees

    Dr Jon Rees

    Senior Lecturer in Psychology
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  13. Carole Carter

    Dr Carole Carter

    Senior Lecturer in Psychology
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  14. Jolel Miah

    Dr Jolel Miah

    Lecturer in Psychology
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  15. Rachel Collum

    Dr Rachel Collum

    Lecturer in Psychology
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  16. Helen Driscoll

    Dr Helen Driscoll

    Academic Director for Educational Partnerships, Associate Professor of Integrative and Inclusive Practice
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  17. Vanessa Parson

    Dr Vanessa Parson

    Senior Lecturer in Psychology
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  18. Catherine Kenny

    Dr Catherine Kenny

    Senior Lecturer in Psychology
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  19. John Reilly-Dixon

    John Reilly-Dixon

    Senior Lecturer in Counselling/Counselling Psychology
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  20. Diane Stevens

    Dr Diane Stevens

    Senior Lecturer in Psychology
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  21. Amy Pearson

    Dr Amy Pearson

    Senior Lecturer in Psychology
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