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Dr Athanasia Chatzifotiou, FHEA

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Senior Lecturer, Programme Leader for BA (Hons) Childhood Studies

I gained my PhD from Durham University. My thesis examined primary school teachers’ knowledge and awareness of environmental education in two European countries, namely England and Greece.

My subsequent work has addressed issues concerning the status of education for sustainable development in the National Curriculum in England and Greece, the role of eco-schools in promoting education for sustainable development, policies regarding education for sustainable development.

Teaching and supervision

I teach the curriculum modules in Year 1 and Year 2 of Childhood Studies as well as a number of other modules:
  • Researching Childhood (Year 2)
  • The Child and the Social and Economic Environment (Year 2)
  • Research Methodology (Year 3)

Research interests for potential research students

  • Environmental education
  • Education for sustainability
  • Curriculum studies (international and national contexts)
  • Social Science research methods


Number of items: 13.


Chatzifotiou, Athanasia (2023) Who is the ‘guardian of the sea’? A Narrative Practice Approach analysis of a short story book for six to eight years old on the main character’s environmental identity construction. Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability, 24 (2). pp. 83-98. ISSN 1691-5534

Chatzifotiou, Athanasia (2019) Beneficial or detrimental? The relationship between sustainability, Eco-schools and Ofsted reports. Education 3-13: International Journal of Primary, Elementary and Early Years Education. ISSN 0300-4279

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Chatzifotiou, Athanasia (1999) Primary school teachers' attitudes, knowledge and perceptions of environmental education in Northern England and Greece. First Pan-Hallenic Conference for Enviromental Education: Evaluation of Enviromental Education Practices and Futures strategies towards the 21st century. pp. 118-119.

Book Section

Chatzifotiou, Athanasia (2018) Education for Sustainable Development: Vision, Policy, Practices—An Open or Closed ‘Doorway’ for Teachers and Schools? In: Handbook of Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development. Springer, pp. 197-209. ISBN 978-3-319-63534-7

Chatzifotiou, Athanasia and Tait, Karen (2017) Education for Sustainable Development and the Eco-school Initiative in Two Primary and Two Early Years Settings in the North East of England. In: Sustainable Development Research at Universities in the United Kingdom. Springer. ISBN 978-3-319-47883-8

Chatzifotiou, Athanasia (2007) Primary school teachers' awareness of and motivation to teach environmental education in two Eurpoean countries. In: Enviromental Research in Greece. UNSPECIFIED.

Conference or Workshop Item

Chatzifotiou, Athanasia, Flogaiti, E, Daskoila, M and Liarakou, G (2007) Conceptions of the environment and of environmental problems as social issues among Greek students of early childhood education. In: 3rd World Congress on Environmental Education, 2 - 6 Oct 2005, Turin.

Chatzifotiou, Athanasia, Liarakou, G and Daskolia, M (2007) Environmental and sustainable development: investigating the content and social dimension of two central enviromental education concepts among university students. In: 5th Global Conference of Enviromental Justice and Global Citizenship, 3 - 6 Jul 2006, Mansfield College, Oxford.

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