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Social Sciences Staff Profiles

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  1. Ben Middleton

    Ben Middleton

    Senior Lecturer
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  2. Stephen J Macdonald

    Stephen J Macdonald

    Professor of Social Science
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  3. Sarah Connelly

    Sarah Connelly

    Academic Tutor
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  4. Emma Aggar

    Emma Aggar

    Academic Tutor
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  5. Thomas Rodgers

    Thomas Rodgers

    Lecturer in Criminology and Sociology
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  6. Rick Bowler

    Rick Bowler

    Senior Lecturer
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  7. Neil Evans

    Neil Evans

    Senior Lecturer
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  8. Dan Connolly

    Dan Connolly

    Senior Lecturer in Community and Youth Work
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  9. Stephen J. Mordue

    Stephen J. Mordue

    Senior Lecturer in Social Work
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  10. Liz Woolley

    Liz Woolley

    Senior Lecturer in Community and Youth Work Studies
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  11. Anneliesa Butler

    Anneliesa Butler

    Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences
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  12. Ilona Buchroth

    Ilona Buchroth

    Senior Lecturer in Community and Youth Work
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  13. Lauren Doyle

    Lauren Doyle

    Academic Tutor
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  14. Peter Kay

    Peter Kay

    Head of School of Social Sciences
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  15. Paul Dyer

    Paul Dyer

    View Paul Dyer profile
  16. Helen Williams

    Helen Williams

    Lecturer in Criminology
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  17. Lesley Deacon

    Lesley Deacon

    Deputy Programme Leader BSc Health and Social Care; Research Lead and Editor, CASS Working Papers
    View Lesley Deacon profile
  18. Gayle Victoria Blackburn SFHEA

    Gayle Victoria Blackburn SFHEA

    Senior Lecturer in Childhood Studies
    View Gayle Victoria Blackburn SFHEA profile
  19. Diane Simpson

    Diane Simpson

    Senior Lecturer in Social Work
    View Diane Simpson profile
  20. Wendy Podd

    Wendy Podd

    Programme Leader for BSc (Hons) Sociology
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  21. Julie Smiles

    Julie Smiles

    Senior Lecturer in Social Work
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  22. Sarah Lonbay

    Sarah Lonbay

    Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences and Engagement
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  23. Rosie Hodsdon

    Rosie Hodsdon

    Assistant Tutor
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  24. Athanasia Chatzifotiou, FHEA

    Athanasia Chatzifotiou, FHEA

    Senior Lecturer, Programme Leader for BA (Hons) Childhood Studies
    View Athanasia Chatzifotiou, FHEA profile
  25. Donna Peacock

    Donna Peacock

    Principal Lecturer/Team Leader Social Studies
    View Donna Peacock profile
  26. Nicola Roberts

    Nicola Roberts

    Senior Lecturer in Criminology
    View Nicola Roberts profile
  27. Kristy Regan

    Kristy Regan

    Senior Lecturer in Social Work
    View Kristy Regan profile
  28. Liz Cunningham

    Liz Cunningham

    Deputy Pathway Leader, IFY Social Sciences and Law
    View Liz Cunningham profile
  29. Angela Wilcock

    Angela Wilcock

    Academic Tutor
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  30. Carrie Phillips

    Carrie Phillips

    Senior Lecturer in Social Work
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  31. Dr Julie Ovington, SFHEA

    Dr Julie Ovington, SFHEA

    Lecturer in Childhood Studies, Deputy Programme Leader BA (Hons) Childhood and Society Studies (Top-Up)
    View Dr Julie Ovington, SFHEA profile
  32. Fay Cavagin

    Fay Cavagin

    View Fay Cavagin profile
  33. Alex Summer

    Alex Summer

    Programme Leader for MA Social Work
    View Alex Summer profile
  34. Louise Harvey-Golding

    Louise Harvey-Golding

    Academic Tutor
    View Louise Harvey-Golding profile
  35. Sarah Beck

    Sarah Beck

    Principal Lecturer/Team Leader Applied Studies
    View Sarah Beck profile
  36. Zeta Bikova

    Zeta Bikova

    Academic Tutor
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  37. Jacqueline Merchant

    Jacqueline Merchant

    Senior Lecturer in Social Policy
    View Jacqueline Merchant profile
  38. Michael Elsy, SFHEA

    Michael Elsy, SFHEA

    Programme Leader for BA (Hons) Childhood and Society Studies
    View Michael Elsy, SFHEA profile
  39. Phil Watson

    Phil Watson

    Senior Lecturer in Social Work
    View Phil Watson profile
  40. Marc Husband

    Marc Husband

    Academic Tutor
    View Marc Husband profile
  41. Jodie Weatherston

    Jodie Weatherston

    Academic Tutor
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  42. Sheila Quaid

    Sheila Quaid

    Senior Lecturer in Sociology, National Teaching Fellow 2020
    View Sheila Quaid profile
  43. Lindey Cookson, SFHEA

    Lindey Cookson, SFHEA

    Principal Lecturer / Team Leader Childhood Studies
    View Lindey Cookson, SFHEA profile
  44. Samantha Reveley

    Samantha Reveley

    Programme Leader for FdSc Criminal Justice, SFHEA
    View Samantha Reveley profile
  45. Matthew Durey

    Matthew Durey

    Senior Lecturer in Social Science
    View Matthew Durey profile
  46. Cally Bleasby

    Cally Bleasby

    Senior Lecturer
    View Cally Bleasby profile
  47. Vicky Trueman

    Vicky Trueman

    Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Care
    View Vicky Trueman profile
  48. Bruce Marjoribanks, SFHEA

    Bruce Marjoribanks, SFHEA

    Programme Leader for MA Childhood and Youth Studies
    View Bruce Marjoribanks, SFHEA profile
  49. Andrew (Drew) Dalton

    Andrew (Drew) Dalton

    Senior Lecturer in Sociology / Programme Leader MSc Inequality and Society
    View Andrew (Drew) Dalton profile
  50. Linda Graham, SFHEA

    Linda Graham, SFHEA

    Senior Lecturer in Childhood Studies
    View Linda Graham, SFHEA profile
  51. Jeremy Pearson

    Jeremy Pearson

    Senior Lecturer in Policing
    View Jeremy Pearson profile
  52. Jamie Scorer

    Jamie Scorer

    Lecturer in Social Work
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  53. Meghan Nicholson

    Meghan Nicholson

    Academic Tutor
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