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Rosie Hodsdon

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Assistant Tutor

I joined the University in 2019 as an Assistant Tutor while working on my PhD. Alongside this, I work at National Ugly Mugs, a charity supporting sex workers in ending crime, harm and violence, and achieving autonomy, rights and justice. My work there involves communications, research, and advocacy.

My academic background includes a mixture of social sciences: I have a BA in Anthropology and Sociology from Durham University, with PhD research based in Northumbria University Law School.

My research interests explore sex work, including access to justice, (multiple) marginalisations, identity, labour and labour organising and mutual aid. My most recent research has examined the impact of legal regulation on workers in the UK pornography industry, including elements of labour, identity and community. More broadly, I am interested in BDSM sexualities, wider gender and sexuality themes, and qualitative and participatory research methods.

Teaching and supervision

I currently teach on:

  • PLC104 Criminal Justice
  • CRM104 Victims/Survivors: Rights and Redress
  • CRM303 Selling Sex: Theory, Policy and Practice
  • CRM315 Dissertation

    I have previously taught modules at Sunderland on Introduction to Social Theories, Introduction to Research, and International Human Rights and Wrongs.

Research interests for potential research students

  • Pornography
  • Sex work
  • BDSM/kink/fetish communities
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Media and representation

Last updated 30 May 2024