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Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Following a career in equality and diversity training, my teaching focused on social justice, feminism, sociology of sexuality, families, gender, diverse identities, 'race' and class. I gained my MA Women's Studies (Applied) at University of Bradford and went on to complete my PGCert in HE and Phd entitled Finding a Place: Negotiating Lesbian Parental Identities at University of Sunderland. I have published work on domestic violence lesbian motherhood, feminism, fatherhood and masculinities. My pedagogical interests focus on teaching diversity and creating powerful learning environments. My curricula approaches include 'threshold concepts', interdisciplinarity, arts based learning and visual teaching methods. Current projects include pedagogical research in Difficult Moments in Teaching Diversity. I am a Senior Fellow of the HEA.

Teaching and supervision

I have taught Sociology to students on programmes including BSc (Hons) SociologyBSc (Hons) Criminology, CSP Sociology, CSP Gender Studies and BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care

Level 4 modules include:
    • Introduction to Social Theory
    • Inequalities, Diversity and Society
    • Social Problems

      Level 5 modules include:
    • Gender, Diversity and Society
    • Sex, Families and Personal Lives
    • Core Social Theory

    Level 6 modules inlude:
  • Gender, Sexuality and Identity
  • Youth Gender and Cultural Identities (Analysis of Film and Literature)
  • Core Social Theory

Research interests for potential research students

I co-supervised Phd projects on the study of Domestic Violence in the UK and I am currently Director of Studies for a project on the Media and Domestic Violence in Nigerian context. Examiner of thesis in 'race' and racism in the North East. I am interested to supervise projects in 
non-normative family types, children raised in same sex parental families domestic violence, feminist praxis, gender, class, ethnic and disbility inequalities and human rights.


My MA in Women's Studies (Applied) included exploration of the Criminal Justice response to women who kill violent partners. This led to my first assistant editorial position with Catherine Itzin for two edited collections on the issues of domestic violence and child abuse. My first major project in the North East was a collaborative study with University of Sunderland and University of Gothenborg on Fatherhood and Masculinities which explored men and women's perceptions of fatherhood with a view to policy developments in parental leave for men. My Phd research again focused on families with the focus on lesbian couples, motherhood and parental/family identities. I researched the experiences of lesbian mothers/co parents and the creation of their negotiated families.

Since then I have delivered conference papers on; motherhood social impact of reproductive technologies, feminist methodologies, ethnicity culture and familial identities, 'race', ethnicity, culture and connectedness in families, emotionality in research.  In 2016, I hosted an ESRC Festival of Social Science entitled; Mums the Word Celebrating Motherhood Voices. A further festival will be held on 4th November 2017. 

Current pedagogical research with Dr Rick Bowler includes Anti Oppressive Practice, Discomforting Pedagogies and Difficult Moments in Teaching and Learning. This work explores the difficult issues in classroom identity dynamics when teaching diversity in a diverse world.


Number of items: 22.


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Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

Quaid, Sheila (2018) Exploring the Dynamics of Situated Emotionality in Feminist Standpoint Epistemology. In: BSA Annual Conference 2018 - Identity, Community and Social Solidarity, 10-12 Apr 2018, Northumbria University, UK. (Unpublished)

Quaid, Sheila (2018) Identity and Kinship in Lesbian Led Donor Conceived Families: Poster presentation. In: BSA Annual Conference 2018: Identity, Community and Social Solidarity, 10-12 Apr 2018, Northumbria University, UK. (Unpublished)

Quaid, Sheila and Wilcock, Angela (2016) Exploring the Dynamics of Situated Emotionality in Feminist Standpoint Epistemology. In: BSA Post Graduate Forum Closer to Home: Emotional Dilemmas in Research., 15 May 2016, London School of Economics. (Unpublished)

Quaid, Sheila (2015) Identities and Kinship in Donor Conceived Lesbian Led Families. In: Making parents? Parenting culture meets reproductive technology at Roehampton conference, 11 Dec 2015, University of Roehampton. (Unpublished)

Quaid, Sheila (2015) Difficult Moments in Teaching Diversity and Difference in a Diverse World. In: University of Sunderland Annual Learning and Teaching Conference, 3 Jul 2015, University of Sunderland. (Unpublished)

Quaid, Sheila (2015) Has Homophobia Decreased Since the 1980s? In: Student Union Conference for International Day Against Homophobia, 15 May 2015, University of Sunderland. (Unpublished)

Quaid, Sheila (2015) Defining the Self: Identities, Interconnections, Kinship and Belonging in Lesbian Led Families. In: The British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2015, 15-17 Apr 2015, Glasgow Caledonian University. (Unpublished)

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Quaid, Sheila (2015) Mothering under Austerity. In: NRF Third Seminar Series 2015-16, 28 Jan 2015, University of Sunderland. (Unpublished)


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Quaid, Sheila (2008) Finding a Place: Negotiating Lesbian Parental Identities. Doctoral thesis, University of Sunderland.


Quaid, Sheila (2016) Mums the Word. University of Sunderland. (Unpublished)

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Areas of expertise

  • Equality and diversity
  • Sociology of families
  • Gender
  • Violence
  • Sexualities
  • Culture
  • Ethnicity and 'race' in family studies
  • Pedagogy for empowerment 
  • Feminist standpoint methodologies

Further information

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