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Senior Lecturer in EAP, TESOL, and MA Education

I was awarded my BA (Hons) degree in French and Latin (Language and Literature) and my BA (Hons) degree in English and German from the University of Montpellier, France.

I also obtained my Master's degree in French and Latin Language and Literature from the University of Montpellier, France.

I completed my Postgraduate Diploma in the Structure of English and my Master's degree in Theoretical Linguistics and the History of English at Newcastle University and was awarded a distinction.

I also have a Master's degree in French Studies from the University of Northumbria (Newcastle), focusing on French politics and contemporary society.

I trained as a teacher at Newcastle University and was awarded a PGCE in Modern Languages. I hold the CELTA and DELTA English language teaching qualifications.

I am a French national and have been a resident in Newcastle since 1975. My teaching experience is extensive and includes teaching French, Latin, German, English as a Foreign Language, English Language and Linguistics in schools, colleges, universities, and in public and private companies. In the last three years, I trained secondary English PGCE students and I was the Programme Leader. I am now working in EAP and TESOL and on the Distance Learning MA course. 

Before joining the University of Sunderland, I was Head of Faculty (Languages and Humanities) at Sunderland College. I have been working at the University since 2010, lecturing in English for Academic Purposes, on the BA and MA TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Until 2021 I was responsible for the French modules on the Combined degree.

Teaching and supervision

I have led a variety of courses in Modern Foreign Languages and TESOL including:

French (University Language Scheme)
Beginners French Year 1 and 2 

French (BA)
French Language and Culture (Years 1, 2, and 3)
French Language and Society (Year 2) 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (BA)
Language Learning and Intercultural Competence (ELT 312)

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MA)
Research Methods 

English for Academic Purposes

I have taught on all the above courses as well as Practical Teaching (MA TESOL).

I supervise undergraduate dissertations on a variety of topics in French and in TESOL, as well as postgraduate TESOL dissertations.

I have been involved in the Year Abroad programme and act as a tutor and mentor to our students who go to France as part of their studies.

I have taught Secondary English PGCE trainees, as lecturer, tutor and Programme Leader.

I am now a Module Leader for a number of EAP modules and I teach on MA TESOL and MA Education (DL).

Research interests for potential research students

  • French and English Language and Linguistics
  • French and English Syntax
  • Teacher development in French, TESOL, and Secondary English PGCE
  • Intercultural Communication
  • French
  • Syntax and Morphology
  • Teaching and Teacher training
  • Module Leadership
  • Mentoring


  • A' Level English Language. A Grammar Manual (Wearside 1992)

Last updated 08 March 2023