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Teacher Training and Education Staff Profiles

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  1. Ian Elliott

    Ian Elliott

    Senior Lecturer in Education
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  2. Sarah Martin-Denham

    Sarah Martin-Denham

    Senior Lecturer in Education
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  3. Maddalena Taras

    Maddalena Taras

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  4. Guy Tucker

    Guy Tucker

    Deputy Head for Learning and Teaching
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  5. David Wooff

    David Wooff

    Principal Lecturer: Quality Assurance and External Engagement
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  6. Andy Fraser

    Andy Fraser

    Senior Lecturer in Science, Mathematics and Education
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  7. Maggie Gregson

    Maggie Gregson

    Professor of Vocational Education
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  8. Kate Duffy

    Kate Duffy

    Senior Lecturer in Education
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  9. Miguel A. Gomes Gargamala, SFHEA

    Miguel A. Gomes Gargamala, SFHEA

    Senior Lecturer
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  10. Samantha Tate

    Samantha Tate

    Senior Lecturer in Education
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  11. Susan Edgar

    Susan Edgar

    Head of the School of Education
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  12. Susan Mandala

    Susan Mandala

    Associate Professor (Research)
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  13. Helen Benstead (nee Saddler)

    Helen Benstead (nee Saddler)

    Senior Lecturer: MA in Education
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  14. Joelle Godard

    Joelle Godard

    Lecturer in French and TESOL
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  15. Melanie Aniolkowski-Green

    Melanie Aniolkowski-Green

    Senior Lecturer in TESOL
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  16. Sharon Turnbull

    Sharon Turnbull

    Senior Lecturer in English Education
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  17. Judith Mills

    Judith Mills

    Senior Lecturer in Primary Education
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  18. Elizabeth Hidson

    Elizabeth Hidson

    Senior Lecturer in Education Programme Leader: PgCert Education
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  19. David Laidlaw

    David Laidlaw

    Senior Lecturer in Primary Education (Computing and Foundation Subjects)
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  20. Trish Spedding

    Trish Spedding

    Senior Lecturer: Sunderland University Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training (SUNCETT)
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  21. Michael Hepworth

    Michael Hepworth

    TESOL Lecturer
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  22. Frances Proud

    Frances Proud

    Academic Tutor
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  23. Judith Turner

    Judith Turner

    Senior Lecturer in Spanish
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  24. John Below

    John Below

    Senior Lecturer in Mathematics Education
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  25. Amber Riches

    Amber Riches

    Programme Leader PGCE Geography
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  26. Fiona McEwan

    Fiona McEwan

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  27. Sarah Reed

    Sarah Reed

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  28. Dianne Eve Fleetham

    Dianne Eve Fleetham

    Principal Lecturer
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  29. Terry Coatham

    Terry Coatham

    Senior Lecturer in Education
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  30. Andrew Buglass

    Andrew Buglass

    Senior Lecturer in Post-Compulsory Education and Training
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  31. Stephanie Atkinson

    Stephanie Atkinson

    Professor of Design and Technology Education
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  32. Ian Neal

    Ian Neal

    Emeritus Professor
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  33. Lynne Dagg

    Lynne Dagg

    Senior Lecturer in Computer Science Education
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  34. Jo McShane

    Jo McShane

    Senior Lecturer, Education. RE PGCE Programme Leader
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  35. Mikeala Morgans

    Mikeala Morgans

    Principal Lecturer: Team Leader, Initial Teacher Training
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  36. Neil Johnson

    Neil Johnson

    Principal Lecturer, TESOL
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  37. Simon Ripley

    Simon Ripley

    Programme Leader
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  38. Vicki Stokes

    Vicki Stokes

    Senior Lecturer in Primary Education
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  39. Paul McCandless

    Paul McCandless

    Senior Lecturer in Primary Education
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  40. Andrea Brown

    Andrea Brown

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  41. Dionne Ross

    Dionne Ross

    Principal Lecturer Independent Distance Learning
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  42. Joanne Smith

    Joanne Smith

    Programme Leader for PGCE Biology
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  43. Alison Griffiths

    Alison Griffiths

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  44. Emma Cullen

    Emma Cullen

    Lecturer in Primary Education
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  45. Steve Haswell

    Steve Haswell

    Senior Lecturer in Education
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  46. Bruce Forster

    Bruce Forster

    Senior Lecturer
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  47. Vicki Jowett

    Vicki Jowett

    Salaried Academic Tutor
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  48. Barbara Evans

    Barbara Evans

    Academic Tutor
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  49. Jemma Bell

    Jemma Bell

    Programme Leader for PGCE English
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  50. Kim Willis

    Kim Willis

    Programme Leader MA TESOL
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  51. Lynne McKenna

    Lynne McKenna

    Dean of the Faculty of Education and Society
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  52. Simon Sheard

    Simon Sheard

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  53. Gillian Parker

    Gillian Parker

    Senior Lecturer in Mathematics Education
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  54. Daniel Gregson

    Daniel Gregson

    Research Assistant and Salaried Academic Tutor
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  55. Lawrence Nixon

    Lawrence Nixon

    Principal Lecturer in Post Compulsory Education and Training
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  56. Susie Blackburn

    Susie Blackburn

    Programme Leader for PGCE History
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  57. Kim Gilligan

    Kim Gilligan

    Principal Lecturer in Teaching and Learning
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  58. Kathryn Leonard

    Kathryn Leonard

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