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Head of the School of Education

I joined the University of Sunderland in 2015 where I am Head of the School of Education in the Faculty of Education and Society. Prior to this role, I held the position of Primary Initial Teacher Training Lead.

Previous to this, I worked in Initial Teacher Education in Early Years and Primary in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at Northumbria University. I held a variety of roles in both undergraduate and postgraduate provision including school led, distance based and university based routes into teaching. My previous experience also includes working for the Open University.

Prior to my work in ITT, I had a long and successful teaching career in Education. I held a variety of senior management roles in schools both in the South East and North East of England. My last post in schools was as head teacher of an outstanding primary school where I was head for eight years before moving into higher education (HE).

As Head of the School of Education, I am committed to the establishment and growth of successful and reciprocal partnerships between the University School of Education and education providers across our locality, nationally and internationally. I was instrumental to the creation of the Sunderland Partnership Committee Structure which now operates across our provision. 
I actively support schools and colleges within our Partnership and I am  currently  a Founder Member of a growing local academy alongside being a governor for two schools in Sunderland.

Teaching and supervision

My teaching focuses on early years and primary education and qualitative research methods. My teaching expertise is within areas of pedagogy in education alongside English and History subject studies. I also currently supervise student thesis in the School of Education.


My interest in programme design and the student experience is reflected in my PhD focus. My research title is: "What are the elements of ITT programmes which demonstrate effective connected practice between HE, ITT Providers and Schools that result in good outcomes for Primary Trainee Teachers which could then inform a signature pedagogy for ITT?"

My study focuses on the perceptions of mentors and trainees across ITT programmes including on campus, school led and independent distance learning (IDL). The intention is not to compare routes but to rather identify what works on placement to ensure trainee success. Findings from this research will inform programme design and delivery across all routes.

My MA is in Early Education and Care. My thesis focus was on student transfer into HE and retention and examined the perceptions of both traditional and non traditional Trainees during their first year in HE.
  • Initial Teacher Education
  • Programme Design
  • Early Years and Primary Education
  • Partnership and Mentoring
  • Leadership and Management
  • Teaching and Learning
  • English and History
  • Integrated and Cross Curricular approaches to teaching
  • Museum Partnerships and Non School Settings

Last updated 06 July 2021

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