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Studying Education Studies at the University of Sunderland

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Published: March 10, 2021

Teaching has been my ambition for several years and it is that passion that made me determined to study at university.

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When applying to go to university, the question was, which course should I choose to study? It was that question that led me to discover the BA (Hons) Education Studies course at the University of Sunderland.

The Education Studies course has exceeded my expectations; it has opened my eyes to new perspectives that I could never have imagined. I joined the course with the aim to progress to a teacher training course with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Almost three years on, I am close to becoming an Education Studies graduate with insight into many of the intricacies of teaching and education.

Dr Kate Duffy and her team are responsible for this insight. Not only do they explore their topics from a place of experience and passion, but their investment in individual students is evident from day one. They recognise that by studying this degree, you play a role in the future of education, whether that be as a teacher or in a different career. By doing so, they help you to realise how important your involvement in education is. Even when you're delving into the harsh realities that can emerge in education, they show that you can make a difference and that there is hope.

I could write pages about how the course and university experience has changed my life. I could talk about the skills I have learned, my development as an individual, or my professional development. However, I will summarise why I think anyone considering a career in, or linking to, education should consider this course. The knowledge and resilience built will prepare you to face many complexities that are present in education. Through this, you will learn how to work out solutions to issues that do not have one straightforward solution.

Furthermore, the theoretical knowledge you gain will underpin your pedagogical (teaching) style. Ultimately, it may be said that in careers within, and surrounding education, knowledge of pedagogical issues and theories is crucial. Moving into the future, I have so many opportunities to develop a career in education, or in roles that are closely linked, and I have decided to apply for postgraduate study once I have completed my undergraduate degree.

Studying this course has allowed me to develop the confidence to study at a higher level. It has fuelled my determination to enhance my pedagogical knowledge and style. I may have learned a lot, but as an aspiring educator, I am always learning. There are always more opportunities to learn and develop, both within in and outside of formal study. One of the key lessons I have learned is that reflection and an open mind can lead to transformational changes to the individual, to those they work with, and to those in their care.


Josh Jones

Josh Jones
BA (Hons) Education Studies 



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