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Our University of Sunderland events programme offers something for everyone, from art exhibitions and performances to training workshops and public lectures. Here you will also find information about our recruitment events and opportunities to explore our modern facilities.

If you’re interested in hosting an event at one of our campuses or commercial venues then please visit our conferences and events page for more information.

All Events

  1. Theatre Censorship in Spain

    Research Seminar - Investigating theatre censorship in Spain in the 20th century

    Wednesday 01 May 2019


  2. Palestine

    Palestine: past, present and future

    Wednesday 01 May 2019


  3. Battle of the Bands

    Battle of the Bands Live Final

    Wednesday 01 May 2019


  4. Raw Edit

    Raw Edit Fashion Show

    Thursday 02 May 2019


  5. Veterans

    Veterans in Crisis Sunderland - Supporting veteran health across the city.

    Wednesday 08 May 2019


  6. Mallorca

    Research Seminar - From natural paradise to political mobilisation: tourist encounters in the origins of the ecologist movement in Mallorca

    Thursday 09 May 2019


  7. Siglion Sunderland City Runs

    2019 'Siglion Sunderland City Runs' weekend

    Saturday 11 May 2019 - Sunday 12 May 2019

    6:00pm - 3:00pm

  8. Research Seminar: Data Analysis using SPSS and NVIVO

    Research Seminar: Data Analysis using SPSS and NVIVO

    Thursday 16 May 2019 - Friday 17 May 2019

    9:30am - 4:00pm

  9. Tom Cowie Campus

    Community Lecture: The Causes of the Tay Bridge Disaster

    Wednesday 22 May 2019


  10. Fear of Crime

    Landscapes of Safety: The construction and navigation of the urban landscape by students based on their gendered and/or racialised subjectivities

    Wednesday 22 May 2019


  11. Sir Tom Cowie Lecture Theatre

    Community Lecture: From Tyne to Tweed

    Wednesday 05 June 2019


  12. Sir Tome Cowie Campus

    Community Lecture: The Lake Baikal Ferr

    Wednesday 19 June 2019


  13. Gendered Worlds

    Gendered Worlds - exploring gender and sexuality in the contemporary world

    Friday 28 June 2019


  14. Sir Tome Cowie Campus

    Community Lecture: The Biddick Ferryman

    Wednesday 17 July 2019


  15. St Peter's Campus

    Community Lectures: Crossing the Tyne

    Wednesday 07 August 2019


  16. Sir Tome Cowie Campus

    Community Lecture: The Wearmouth Bridge

    Wednesday 21 August 2019