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Engineering Your Future

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Engineering Your Future

Topic - Open Events, Schools and Colleges

The Faculty of Technology invites Year 12 students to take part in an exciting and interactive event hosted by the School of Engineering.

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Our expert academic staff will guide your students through a series of hands-on workshops including: 

Introduction to Automation

An in-depth look at how technology has and continues to revolutionise our thriving manufacturing industry. The picking up and moving of components and products, assembly, and testing often make use of automated machines. Intelligent systems make use of sensors to understand something of the environment of which it is part, make decisions, and perform tasks. This is a hands-on session but also conveys the exciting career opportunities available in this field.

Introduction to Design and Digital Workflow

From concept to reality, participants will get a flavour of how engineers can take an idea or set of design instructions and by making use of CAD software and a modern-day digital workflow, see how these ideas can be visualised in virtual reality and turned into actual objects and products which can be manufactured in their thousands!

Engineering, The Universe and Beyond

An engaging talk from our academic team that takes an overall look at engineering as a professional occupation. Participate and debate this conversation to understand some of the challenges and opportunities that exist. The fine balance of achieving technological developments and advancing quality of life while at the same time maintaining a healthy lifestyle for humans and the planet on which we live will also be explored.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact events.recruitment@sunderland.ac.uk.