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What happens if my son or daughter fails a module?

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If your child fails a module, they will be referred (that is, have to retake the assessment) in those elements which they did not pass. When they take their referrals, their mark for those elements retaken is capped at 40%, whatever they achieve. Their overall module mark is calculated as normal by averaging all assessments, those passed first time and those referred, according to whatever weighting they have been given.

If they fail assessments for a second time, they must repeat the module with attendance, that is, take it again from scratch attending all the teaching and sitting all of the assessments, regardless of whether they passed any or not the first time around.

No marks are carried forward, and their overall module mark is capped at 40%. If they have only 10 or 20 failed credits that they must repeat, and they have submitted all assessments in the referrals for that module even if they did not pass them, the Board has the discretion to allow your child to proceed to the next stage of the programme and to retake this module alongside those from the next Stage. This is known as ‘trailing’ a module.