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  1. How many places do you have for Medicine?

    From September 2020, we have one hundred (100) places available per year.

  2. When is the deadline for applications to Medicine?

    The deadline for all applications through UCAS is 15 October each year.

  3. Do you consider gap year students?

    Yes. We consider applicants who are either on a gap year or wish to take one before they join the course.

  4. Would you consider my application if I've previously commenced a medicine/dentistry course at another university?

    We do not usually consider students who have started a medicine/dentistry course elsewhere.

  5. If I already hold a degree, would you consider my application?

    If you already hold a degree, we would consider your application on the standard entry graduate route.

  6. Do you accept transfers onto the Medicine course?

    We will not currently accept requests to transfer from other degree programmes.

  7. I will be under 18 if I joined the Medicine course. Will I still be considered?

    Yes, we accept students who are 17 years old or above onto the course.

  8. Who should provide my reference?

    Your reference is likely to be written by your head teacher, college principal, head of year or form tutor.

  9. My application to the University of Sunderland School of Medicine has been rejected. How can I obtain feedback?

    If your application is rejected you may request feedback by emailing medicineapplications@sunderland.ac.uk.

  10. If I get an offer and fail to get the grades, what will happen?

    It is difficult to know what will happen in advance of exam results...

  11. Do you offer any Scholarships?

    Yes, please visit our scholarships page for more information.

  12. I have a criminal conviction, can I still apply?

    Applicants with a criminal conviction must declare this on their UCAS form.

  13. If I attend the Medicine Summer School, how does this affect my application?

    Participating in the Medicine Summer School, will guarantee you a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) subject to meeting eligibility and academic criteria.

  14. I was interviewed at Sunderland last year, but was unsuccessful. Can I re-apply?

    We will consider a further application.

  15. I applied to Sunderland last year but wasn't offered an interview. Can I re-apply?

    We will consider a further application.

  16. Can international students apply?

    We are considering applications from home (UK) fee-paying students only.

  17. What should I put in my personal statement?

    We will not use your personal statement as a means of assessing your application.

  18. What work experience do I need?

    We do not place requirements on the amount and type of work experience a prospective medical student should have.

  19. What are the timescales for your selection process?

    You will find guidance on our assessment processes for the A100 - five year undergraduate medicine course.

  20. What fee status will I be?

    Your fee status will be assessed on application.

  21. Where can I find further information about applying to study Medicine?

    Here are some further links which you may find useful when applying to study Medicine...