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What are the entry requirements for studying MBChB Medicine?

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Subject: Medicine MBChB A100

Please note - Applicants who are appealing grades should be aware that the numbers on the Medicine course are capped thus we can’t guarantee to honour appeal outcomes for 2021 entry but would award a place for 2022 if conditions are met on appeal.

A Levels:

A Levels in three subjects at grades of AAA are required, including Biology or Chemistry plus another designated science subject (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths/Further Maths/Statistics) and a third academic subject. Any science A Level (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) completed in England from 2017 must include a pass in the practical endorsement; without this the qualification will be judged to have been failed, regardless of the headline grade. Only one subject from a combination of Maths or Further Maths or Statistics will be considered within the three A Levels. A Level grades must be achieved in one sitting.

Subjects not included:

The following subjects are not accepted at A Level for A100: Citizenship Studies, Critical Thinking, General Studies, any AQA Applied A Level (Applied Art and Design, Applied Business, Applied ICT, Applied Leisure Studies, Applied Science, Applied Travel and Tourism, Science in Society, Use of Mathematics), any Edexcel Applied A Level (Applied Art and Design, Applied Business, Applied ICT, Engineering, Health and Social Care, Leisure Studies, Media; Performing Arts, Travel and Tourism), any OCR Applied A Level (Applied Art and Design, Applied Business, Applied Health and Social Care, Applied ICT, Applied Leisure Studies, Applied Performing Arts, Applied Science, Applied Travel and Tourism), any WJEC Applied A Level (Applied Business, Applied ICT, Applied Science). Key skills qualifications will not be taken into account in assessing academic ability.


We accept A Level re-sits under certain circumstances:

  • Where an applicant has been awarded AAB, the applicant is only required to re-sit the B grade subject

The primary admissions criteria which is being considered (eg A Levels) must have been completed within the past five years. 

Scottish Qualifications:

  • National 5: a minimum of 5 subjects at grade A with a minimum of grade B in Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • Higher: minimum of AAAAB, including Chemistry/Biology plus a second science both at A, to be achieved by the end of S5 (i.e. before applying)
  • Advanced Higher: minimum of AB from two subjects (both sciences) sat in S6. Any additional subject sat at Higher level in S6 must be achieved at grade B or higher
  • Any science subject not being offered at Higher or Advanced Higher level must have been passed at Standard/National 5 grade B/2

Scottish Baccalaureate (Science):

Grades of AA are required in 2 Advanced Highers (including Chemistry or Biology) plus AA in an interdisciplinary project unit and 1 higher. Chemistry or Biology must be offered at Advanced Higher grade A. Standard Grade/National 5 requirements must also be met.

Welsh Baccalaureate

We require an A grade Pass in the Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Diploma and two full science A Levels at grade A*A taken within a two year period. Chemistry or Biology is essential plus one subject from Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Maths/Further Maths/Statistics. GCSE requirements must also be met.

International Baccalaureate:

35 points including three grade 6 passes at IB Higher Level and grades of 6, 6, 5 at Standard Level are required. Higher Level subjects must include Chemistry or Biology, plus one from Chemistry, Biology, Physics or Maths and a third rigorous subject. Any science not taken at the Higher Level must be offered at Standard Level grade 5 or GCSE grade B (or equivalent). Points awarded for the Extended Essay or Theory of Knowledge are not taken into account but these components must have been completed. English Language (Language A) at Grade 6 is acceptable in lieu of GCSE English Language. Please see English Language Requirements under General Requirements if you do not have either of these.

Qualifications not accepted for Medicine:

  • BTEC qualifications
  • Foundation Medicine Courses or Access to Medicine Courses
  • Irish Leaving Certificate

GCSE requirements: 

5 subjects at grade A (7) with a minimum of grade B (6) in Maths, English Language, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Student using notepad

A maximum of four choices on the UCAS form may be made for courses that lead to a professional qualification in medicine, although you can use a fifth choice for a non-medical route. The deadline for applying through UCAS is the October preceding the year of entry.


All applicants must take the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) during the year in which they apply. Scores must be within top 8 deciles of the cohort and situational judgement test (SJT) must be within bands 1-3.

Roles and Responsibilities form:

All applicants who meet the minimum academic requirements will be issued with a Roles and Responsibilities form which must be completed and returned within the deadline provided. We use the Roles and Responsibilities form as part of the 3 stage shortlisting criteria. The form will seek evidence of commitment to work experience, voluntary work, exposure to a caring or supportive roles, the value of the work/role you undertook, the level of responsibility taken in any of the above roles, an example of a situation where you did something that had a significant beneficial outcome for another person and any exceptional achievements or circumstances.

We don’t give credit simply for titles, naming programmes that you have completed, listing shadowing opportunities given to you or anything you watched somebody else do.

The Roles and Responsibilities form provides an opportunity for you to provide evidence of commitment and personal characteristics appropriate for a future doctor.

You will have an opportunity to discuss your UCAS Personal Statement and your Roles and Responsibilities form at the Multi-Mini Interview.

CASPer Admissions Test

For September 2022 entry we will be piloting CASPer. CASPer is an online, open-response situational judgment test (SJT) that asks what you would do in a tough situation, and more importantly, why. CASPer will not be used as a part of the selection process but the information obtained in this pilot will be used by us and Health Education England to help identify the best tools for the selection of candidates for medicine. If you are successful in the academic screening stage of the selection process you will be sent further details after the 15 October. There is no charge to sit the test. Please see the CASPer website for more information.


Shortlisting for interview is based on academic requirements, the Roles and Responsibilities form and UCAT score. Our interviews take the form of multiple mini-interviews (MMIs) and a numeracy test.

Published: 6 August 2021

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