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Academic support

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  1. How will I be supported in my learning?

    Find out more about how we support your learning, including support from the library and your personal tutor.

  2. Am I expected to study on my own?

    Independent study is time spent learning on your own or in a group with other students, without the presence of a member of teaching staff. Find out more.

  3. Who can I contact if I am having difficulties with my studies?

    Find out how your personal tutor, module leader and the University of Sunderland Students' Union can support you if you are having any problems with your studies.

  4. Can I speak to my tutor about queries unrelated to my course?

    Your personal tutor encourages your personal development and is a useful point of contact for any queries relating to extracurricular activities or if you need specialist services at the University

  5. How is my development supported?

    Find out how various services such as the University Library and the Employability and Enterprise Hub can support your development.

  6. What IT support is available?

    Find out how IT Services can help you set up your email account, connect to WiFi or a wired internet connection, provide advice on software, security and much more

  7. What library services are available to me?

    Our libraries offer excellent resources and the support and skills you need to make best use of them.