1. School of Medicine

    Doctors of the future set to get full health check on new School of Medicine

    Published on 13 September 2018

    University to welcome prospective new doctors hoping to join the pioneering School of Medicine

  2. Zodiac searches the reef where Nova Zembla

    Graduate discovers lost whaling ship in Arctic after 116 years

    Published on 13 September 2018

    A dinghy, a drone and an eight-hour window offered graduate Matthew Ayre the chance to discover the 116-year-old shipwreck of a whaling vessel in Arctic waters.

  3. Naomi Austin

    University lecturer returns to her roots for book signing

    Published on 12 September 2018

    Naomi Austin's book on the Tall Ships has received critical acclaim

  4. Student Joe Kinghorn

    Surfer student Joe springs into action to save drowning dog

    Published on 11 September 2018

    King of the waves student helps rescue family pet while on break from University

  5. Sunderland graduate Ruth Aiken

    “Prepare for rejection…but never give up…”

    Published on 11 September 2018

    From a paid internship on a local newspaper to reading the news for Europe’s largest radio company – Ruth Aiken’s career is a rollercoaster ride that continues to move forward.

  6. Game, set and match Serena?

    Serena, sexism and the gender debate

    Published on 10 September 2018

    University expert calls for calm as the Serena William sexism row escalates

  7. World Suicide Prevention Day

    It might be good to talk – but what happens when you can’t?

    Published on 10 September 2018

    Tackling male suicide: fighting the biggest killer of young men

  8. Professor Scott Wilkes

    New School of Medicine head announced

    Published on 06 September 2018

    Professor Scott Wilkes will head up our University’s new School of Medicine when it opens in September 2019.

  9. Professor Scott Wilkes

    "you always have to fight for what you want..”

    Published on 06 September 2018

    Prof Scott Wilkes talks about his own journey to becoming a GP, his hopes for the future of medical education and his vision for the School of Medicine, which he will head up.