"Neither a blue wave or a red arrow"

The results are in for President Trump

Published on 07 November 2018

The results of this week's American mid-term elections is "probably a good one" according to one University of Sunderland US political history expert.

Dr Kevin Yuill, Programme Leader for History at the University, believes the outcome of Tuesday's vote has done little to heal the great political divide polarising America.

While the Democrats took control of the US House of Representatives in the mid-terms, restricting President Trump's ability to steer his programme through Congress,  the Republicans strengthened their grip on the Senate.

While Tuesday's vote was seen as a referendum on a polarising president, the outcome may not be quite as dramatic as some had hoped for.

Dr Yuill said: "Neither a "blue wave" or a "red undertow" emerged. The result is probably a good one because Democrats have a chance to block many of Trump's more ridiculous initiatives.

"However, the divide in politics is as deep as ever. Both sides relied on fear to motivate their voters. Trump concentrated on the caravan of immigrants and darkly hinted of "unknown middle easterners" in the crowd that is heading for the American border. This and his suggestion that Democrats let in a Mexican immigrant who killed two policemen were shameful and xenophobic.

"However, Democrats also led with fear. Hilary Clinton called a vote for the Democrats a vote against "radicalism, bigotry and corruption," showing that the Democrats had hardly any positive message. 

"'Remember that Nazis, white supremacists, white nationalists and all manner of racists seem to be quite pleased with Trump’s ascension', wrote one commentator in the New York Times."

"Is this really the politics of hope? American voters deserved better than this sorry race."