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Published on 05 February 2018

Angela Kennedy with her work 'Vein'
Angela Kennedy with her work 'Vein'

6 February 2018 marked the 100th anniversary of the passing of the Representation of the People Act, giving the vote to women over the age of 30. We caught up with some of our women pioneers, including artist Angela Kennedy.

“I feel that at times coming from a working class background and being female means you don't feel part of what can sometimes be an elitist art world, particularly when you start speaking, and people make assumptions about your intelligence and ability based purely on your accent or gender.

“I do feel the class bias is becoming less, but age discrimination can still be an obstacle. There are still not enough women artist curators or lecturers in senior positions.

“Perceptions have somewhat changed, but you still have to argue your corner or you might not be taken seriously.

“Many ordinary older women friends and colleagues inspire me, have supported and more importantly really encouraged me. They taught me: believe in yourself, aim high and arm yourself with as much knowledge and skills as you can.

“You are as good as everyone else, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.”

Angela Kennedy graduate MA Fine Art in 2017, and this year her work was chosen for the Atkinson Gallery’s prestigious annual exhibition of the best of UK postgraduate student work. Her artwork, Vein, was inspired by her mother’s experience of overcoming domestic violence.

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