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Degree Shows 2019: Alex’s transformational journey

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Published on 14 June 2019

Alexd Costin
Alexd Costin

Name: Alex Costin Age: 21 Programme: Photography, Video and Digital Imaging  

At the heart of Alex Costin’s final year Degree Show piece is a very personal subject.

The young photographer’s work explores trans-masculine subjects and tells their unique and individual stories.

Alex, who was born female, is currently in the transitioning process and wanted his final year piece to represent those he had met along his journey.

Alex, originally from Bradford but living in Sunderland, said: “This process of transitioning started about seven years ago for me.

“But, I have known since primary school, when my mum used to put me in dresses, that this was something I wanted to do.

“So now, in my work, I want to represent those who feel they need help when it comes to their gender identity.

“In the third year of my degree I knew I wanted to focus on politics and representations of trans-masculine people. A lot of the subjects in the photographs are friends from around the region, or people I just came across as part of my journey.”

Alex, who is planning to move to New York to join partner Noah after graduating this summer, said the social side of transitioning is as important as the physical side.

He added: “While, of course, the physical side is relevant, it’s also important that people are socially treated in the correct way