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Jacky White’s Market proves ideal canvas for art student

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Published on 05 April 2019

Student Mica Mota
Student Mica Mota

A North East market and shopping centre proved the ideal location for University of Sunderland students keen to show off their talents.

The 2nd year Photography, Video and Digital Imaging students have a module requiring them to research and negotiate a public presentation of their work.

A number of them are now exhibiting their images across different locations in Sunderland city centre.

Two of the students, Zarron Barnes, 20, and Mica Mota, 26, opted to display their work in The Bridges and Jacky White’s Market.

Mica, originally from Pombal in central Portugal, first became interested in Jacky White’s Market when he visited to take photographs of the people and businesses there.

He then negotiated to temporarily take over one of the shops so he could display his artwork.

Mica said: “I’ve always been a supporter of independent shops over the bigger chains.

“At first I asked permission to take some photos in here then, when it came to the exhibition I decided to display objects from the market.”

From footballs to empty sweet containers, Mica picked items which represented the other stall and the people from Jacky White’s as part of his work.

Zarron, from Hartlepool, decided to bring to life his passion for the environment as part of his exhibition - Litterally - inside The Bridges shopping centre.

The 20-year-old’s pictures reflect litter and plastic pollution on the Seaburn and Roker coastline.

Zarron said: “I wanted to look at the problem particularly in our coastal areas. This is such a big issue and the environment is something I feel very strongly about.”

Dr Carol McKay, Senior Lecturer in Photography at the University of Sunderland, said: “Our second year students studying BA Photography, Video and Digital Imaging have been busy working on new projects about the city, the people who live and work here and the things that are important to them.

“We are really proud that so many local businesses and organisations have recognised their creativity and supported them to achieve their ambitions.  A special thanks to The Bridges and Jacky White’s Market for showcasing work by two of our students.”