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Last minute dash as student is reunited with lost art work

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Published on 14 January 2020

David Byrne
David Byrne

A University of Sunderland art student feared he had lost months of work after he left his design portfolio on a Metro.

David Byrne was due to hand in his final year project just days after he realised his prized work had gone missing.

But thanks to vigilant Metro staff, the 31-year-old was reunited with just hours to spare.

David, from Elswick in Newcastle, said: “When I got the call from Nexus saying they had found my work, I was so relieved. I couldn’t believe it.”

The third year Illustration and Design student had spent more than six weeks pulling together one of his final projects which was due to be handed in last Friday.

On the Monday of that week he had been travelling home, getting on the Metro at University station in Sunderland at around 7pm, and disembarking at Central Station in Newcastle.

But it was not until David got back to his house that he realised he no longer had his portfolio of work.

David said: “At first I wasn’t sure where I’d left it, so I just started ringing everywhere. I called Nexus and left my details with them.

“I didn’t hear anything the next day and was starting to think I might have to start everything again from scratch.”

But the following day, David, originally from Sunderland, saw he had a missed call on his phone and when he rang back, Nexus staff told him that the portfolio had been found.

This meant David was able to get his work handed in on the Friday, as scheduled.

The student said: “I went and picked it up from South Gosforth depot. I’m so grateful to the Metro team, they were amazing.”

Once David graduates in the summer, he is planning a career in design and illustration, possibly going freelance.

He said: “I’ve really enjoyed the programme here and learnt so much.”

A spokesperson for Metro operator Nexus said: “We’re delighted that David has been re-united with his portfolio. It was found on a train by a member of staff and was handed into our lost property office. We then rang him back and he was able to come and collect it. He was very relieved.

“The Tyne and Wear Metro gets thousands of items of lost property each year and we always to our absolute best to get those items back to their rightful owners.”

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