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Meeting the growing demand for nurses in a post-Covid world

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Published on 01 February 2021

Nursing programmes
Nursing programmes

A catalogue of new programmes is available at the University of Sunderland in a bid to train the next generation of nurses for a post-Covid world.

With healthcare now front and centre in the minds of the general public, the need for trained medical professionals is greater than ever before.

In order to meet the demand, the University is offering a range of new programmes designed to make the Nursing profession more accessible than ever before.

Firstly, thenew Blended Nursing Degree Programme offers an innovative and flexible approach unlike ever before.

Last year, Health Education England (HEE) announced that Sunderland had become one of seven universities set to introduce the course.

The programme is recruiting now and will start from May 2021 and is designed to create a significantly different offer in nursing education that will establish a professional nurse workforce suited to the demands of care and service now and in the future.

It’s flexible approach to learning means that those who, perhaps in the past, thought they could not commit to a fulltime campus-based Nursing programme, are now able to access study in their own time.

For those already in the profession but looking to further their study, the Masters in Nursing Studies programme aims to provide registered nurses with a flexible and accessible platform for their continued development as a practitioner, whether that is in a clinical, leadership, education or research role.

Karen Giles, Programme Leader, said: “As well as providing flexibility in when and where you study, it provides opportunity to share experiences and learning with other nurses from across the globe using the virtual learning platform.”

Another option is the new online Nursing Studies Top Up Programme which provides an additional route into the profession by providing independent and flexible study.

Jennifer Dent, Programme Leader, said: The Nursing Top up has been a longstanding programme at the University, enabling and empowering many qualified registered nurses in the UK and abroad to ‘Top Up’ and gain a graduate level Degree qualification to support career development at a local and international level along with progression to further study.

“The portability of the programme is now ONLINE, offering a remote audience to access study ranging from local, national and the international arena, with an independent focus to support a flexible approach to study.”