Right mix for outstanding student

Lewis Bingle, Senior Lecturer in Microbiology, with Nicole Garvin

Published on 11 October 2017

Nicole Garvin, third year student on BSc (Hons) Healthcare Science (Infection Science) degree, has won this year’s Undergraduate Microbiology prize.

Lewis Bingle, Senior Lecturer in Microbiology, presented Nicole with her prize. He says: “Nicole is a great student all around, but has performed especially well in microbiology classes during the first two years of her studies at Sunderland, so I was delighted to be able to present her with the Undergraduate Microbiology prize.”

BSc (Hons) Healthcare Science (Infection Science) involves an integrated placement. Nicole spends three days a week in an NHS microbiology laboratory at North Tyneside General Hospital, where she is training to be a Biomedical Scientist.

Nicole, 20, from South Shields, said: “The prize means a lot to be because it shows that hard work at something you’re passionate about pays off. The subject is fascinating and so varied which is what makes me want to study it more and more.”

The Undergraduate Microbiology prize is awarded annually by the Microbiology Society. The prize was launched in 2014 and is given to the student with best microbiology marks over their first and second year, who is continuing with the study of microbiology into their third year.