Space Law academic addresses British Interplanetary Society

Dr Christopher Newman - Reader in Law

Published on 12 October 2017

Dr Christopher Newman, the University's Reader in Law, addressed the The British Interplanetary Society's UN Space Treaty Symposium held this week in London.

50 Years of the UN Space Treaty: Looking Back, Looking Forward celebrated the UN Space Treaty which has been the foundation of Space law for half a century.

Talking about his address, Embedding sustainability: The future of the Outer Space Treaty, Dr Newman said: “The 50 years since the drafting of the Outer Space Treaty has seen a host of changes to the way humans explore space. There is now a significant number of countries and private companies looking to develop space for commercial purposes. It is important that this new wave of space exploration is accompanied by a sustainable and environmentally responsible approach to human activity in outer space."  

Other speakers at the Symposium included Jerry Stone FBIS, Leader of The SPACE Project and freelance space presenter, Spaceflight UK, who spoke on The SPACE Project: Apparent limitations on constructing a space habitat imposed by the UN Treaty; and Danny Greenland LLB LLM, Legal Researcher at The Northern Space Consortium who discussed International law relating to the mining of the deep seabed and outer space.