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University expert welcomes Case for Culture report

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Published on 19 January 2022

Professor Arabella Plouviez
Professor Arabella Plouviez

In the wake of the publication of the new Case for Culture report, the University of Sunderland's Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries, Professor Arabella Plouviez, is backing calls for all of the cultural icons of northern England to be a catalyst to rebuild the region - and rebalance it with the rest of the UK.


"It is so great to see culture recognised as the key to post-pandemic recovery in the north of England in the Case for Culture report. Recognising that culture is such an important part of the economy as well as being vital to the lives and experiences of our communities.

"For our students this report reinforces the value and opportunities for study and work in the creative industries and how culture is not ‘a London thing’ but human thing that can and must be central to building a post-pandemic north.

"The recognition of Sunderland as one of the top 10 cities for culture in the UK reflects how exciting the cultural offer in Sunderland and also how it is recognised by visitors and local communities, this is such an exciting city to be in."

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