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University of Sunderland Graduations 2020: Everything you need to know

UoS graduations

Published on 06 February 2020

Between July 6 and July 10 2020, The University of Sunderland’s Summer Graduations will take place at the Stadium of Light

Here’s all you need to know about what, where, and when everything is happening.


What time are the Graduation Ceremonies each day?

The actual ceremonies take place at 9.30am each morning and 3pm each afternoon


Who is graduating on Monday, July 6?

Students from the Faculty of Business, Law and Tourism will graduate at both 9.30am and 3pm.

Students from the Faculty of Technology will graduate at 3pm.


Who is graduating on Tuesday, July 7?

Students from the Faculty of Health Sciences and Well-Being will graduate both at 9.30am and 3pm.


Who is graduating on Wednesday, July 8 ?

Students from the Faculty of Art and Creative Industries will graduate at 9.30am.


Who is graduating on Thursday, July 9?

Students from the Faculty of Education and Society will graduate at both 9.30am and 3pm.


Who is graduating on Friday, July 10?

During the 9.30am and 3pm ceremonies, students from the Faculty of Education and Society will graduate.


When will I get my graduation invitation?

Well, you should have received your invitation by the end of April 2020


What other dates should I look out for?

 Graduation bookings start on Wednesday, April 22 at 11am and close on Wednesday, May 20, at 2pm. Information on booking will follow shortly.


Do I have to pay for tickets and how many guests can I have?

No you don't. Graduation is free for those taking part and you are entitled to two free guests.



Will the new Chancellor of the University, Emeli Sande, be there?

Yes, Emeli will be in attendance on a day to be confirmed


How do I hire my gown and how much will it cost?

Ede & Ravenscroft are the official gown hire company for the University's graduation ceremonies. Graduates will be emailed the link to the Ede and Ravenscroft website once they have submitted the Online Booking Form.


Can I bring my young child to the graduation ceremonies?

We recommend that due to the nature of a graduation ceremony, it may be unsuitable for children under five to attend. If you wish to discuss this further, please contact the Graduation team. 


Where is the closest Metro stop to the Stadium of Light?

St Peter’s Metro Station is just a five minute walk from the Stadium of Light. Although you can also use the Stadium of Light Station which is also close.


Where can my guests park their cars?

The Stadium of Light has plenty of free car parking spaces available.


Will the graduations ceremonies be screened live? And where can I watch them?

Yes, the ceremonies will be streamed live to the following page


So, what happens on the day?

The ceremonies are presided over by the University Chancellor or/and Vice-Chancellor. They both follow the procession party out at the start of each ceremony and congratulate every student on the stage.

Students will be called up from each faculty to be presented with their award. When it is your turn, you will be called up from your seat and taken to the foot of the stage. Once your name is read out, you will head onto the stage, shake hands with the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor, before being presented with your award.

After all students have received their awards, the Chancellor and/or Vice-Chancellor will address the ceremony with their closing remarks before leaving the stage with the procession to end the ceremony.


So what happens next?

It's time to celebrate. You and your family and friends can head for the bar inside the Stadium where you can enjoy refreshments and meet up with your fellow graduates to kick off the celebrations in style.


I want to take my family/friends for a meal after graduation, where should I go?

Well there’s plenty to choose from in Sunderland, here’s the best places according to Tripadvisor


What about a drink?

We know it’s a big day for our students. They will be able to get a drink inside the Stadium but here’s a list of the best pubs and clubs in Sunderland according to Tripadvisor


Where are there rooftop bars so I can enjoy the sunshine (hopefully)?

Revolution in the city centre has a rooftop bar while ever popular Fitzgeralds has a outdoor area too.


My family and friends are staying in Newcastle; where's good to go out for a celebration drink?

Well, here's a list of Newcastle's top spots according to Tripadvisor


...and remember....drink sensibly.