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The Race, Class and Ethnicity (RaCE)

The Race, Class and Ethnicity (RaCE) Interdisciplinary Research Network fundamental logics are that societal concerns related to economy, poverty and racisms retain their power as influencing factors in everyday places and spaces.




The RaCE network has five core aims which underpin its work. These are to:

  • provide an open forum for critical, inter/trans/post/cross-disciplinary dialogues about race, class, and ethnicity and their complex intersections.
  • challenge discriminatory practices which result from race, class and/or ethnicity through discourse and activism.
  • engage in critical dialogues about ‘Whiteness’ and ‘White privilege’;
  • convene a series of events which seek to promote and disseminate research, scholarship, and practice on race/class/ethnicity.
  • develop collaborative relationships and projects with individuals, groups and/or institutions.

These aims govern its scholarship alongside a commitment to activate research through its responsibility to engage communities of interest in the development of critical praxis.


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