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Case Study

Abdu Shaalan

Cairo, Egypt

MSc Engineering Management

PhD Asset Management

Abdu Shaalan was working in industry after completing his undergraduate degree in Mechatronics Engineering, and realised that management skills are just as important as technical skills when it comes to executing an engineering project. He therefore decided to pursue further studies, and chose to study MSc Engineering Management at the University of Sunderland after researching several universities with similar courses. He is now working on his PhD in Asset Management.

After I finished my undergraduate degree in Mechatronics Engineering with high technical focus, I worked in industry for a year. This year of work experience highlighted that the need for management skills is as important as the technical skills for the appropriate execution of any engineering project. This encouraged me to start pursuing further studies.

Through my search across different universities, I found that Sunderland’s course stood out, with highly important modules that link engineering with management. Researching the University and the city from a social and affordability perspective, Sunderland had the highest scores in my opinion.

During my Masters degree in Engineering Management, I was introduced to industrial applications and conducted several visits to manufacturing sites including the Nissan plant in Sunderland, which widened my insight of what exists in industry, rather than purely theoretical base from lectures and books.

Now, through my PhD, the course and my supervision team have provided me with great industrial experience through the North East Maintenance Forum that takes place every three months, enabling me to gather a number of local manufacturers case studies for my research. I have also had the chance to develop my teaching career, with engagement in different teaching and assessment activities which has been one of my greatest experiences. I’ve also enjoyed attending research conferences and exhibitions.

Sunderland will definitely make you ready for industry with great advanced technologies onsite and high engagement with industry through different projects, seminars, and events.

Socially, you will find any society or activity you ever wanted to engage with or to do in your life with a great support. As for myself, coming from a warm country, I managed to learn how to snowboard and ski with a great community.

If I could sum up my experience of studying at Sunderland I would say I have gained research skills, industrial experience and teaching experience. I am focused on continuous development of my research portfolio through case study research, and continuous engagement with the teaching side of the academic sector. I would happily say that the University of Sunderland provided me with great industrial and academic experiences that I would expect from an educational institution.”

Published 10 July 2020

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