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Case Study

Christian Hilling

Newcastle, UK

MBChB Medicine

Christian Hilling chose to study MBChB Medicine at the University of Sunderland because the location was perfect for him, but also because the University is partnered with three hospital trusts. His future aim is to continue his career as a physician in the North East using his scientific knowledge to help people.

I chose to study Medicine at the University of Sunderland as I felt both the course structure and the location are perfect for me. Being from Newcastle and loving the North East, moving to Sunderland with its great transport links mean that I will only be a short trip away from family, friends and areas I love. Also after finishing university, I plan to live and work in the North East so it is great to be able to study and have placements in the same region.

I expected it to be a great course as the University is partnered with three hospital trusts, and also has top researchers in other health professions like dentistry and nursing. The course style itself in Sunderland also attracted me as it integrates clinical stages into study early on through methods like problem-based learning (PBL) which is good for me as I enjoy teamwork and find self-directed work very rewarding.

Coming to university was always my plan since middle school, to pursue a degree in Medicine and become a Doctor. I completed my A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology then took a year out of education to travel. The year away has flown by and I now feel excited to continue with my study and start my first term.

The Medicine course at Sunderland appealed to me for many reasons, one being that there are only 50 people on my course. Being previously taught in a small school, I feel I learn better in smaller groups as you get more individual attention meaning you can participate more and have more effective communication with instructors, so I think this will be beneficial for me.

I also like the course structure being very modern and integrated. Incorporating earlier clinical stages in learning is good as I think it improves motivation and a better understanding. Seeing actual applications of your learning to real-life also helps me retain the knowledge for longer. The PBL aspect also attracted me as I enjoy reading about topics when faced with a problem but also teamwork within the groups and listening and presenting to each other work for me, rather than always being in a lecture.

I would definitely recommend the University of Sunderland. Since I applied, their team have been very helpful and outgoing to ensure the transition between home life and university life has gone as smoothly and as stress-free as possible. Also, from what I have seen visiting the University, the facilities are excellent, and the staff and students are all extremely friendly.

My future aims are to finish my degree and hopefully see what aspects of the course I have found particularly stimulating to specialise in, then continue my career as a physician in the North East using my scientific knowledge to help people.

Since applying to Sunderland, the University have been extremely supportive in accommodating my move into a new area and course. I have been given financial support like free accommodation for the first year of study with 50% off year 2. I was also given a £150 StudyPLUS voucher to buy books to aid my study. The Get There Scholarship also means that I have free travel across Tyne and Wear, making travel home, to the University or around the city more stress-free."

Published 23 September 2019

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