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Specialist laboratories and equipment

Explore the specialist spaces, labs, and equipment in the School of Computer Science. Our state-of-the-art facilities help you gain hands-on experience from industry-standard equipment, so you can stand out from the crowd after graduation.

Game Development Lab and Immersive Suite

Get creative in the Game Development Lab which is fitted with gaming rigs comprised of i7 processors and RTX 3060 Ti graphics cards.

Sitting in a GT Omega PRO Series gaming chair, you'll have a dual-screen setup with 27-inch widescreen monitors, a mechanical keyboard and an RGB mouse. The lab also has driving simulators, a dedicated playtesting zone and offers access to official console controllers, an arcade machine, and VR headsets.

In the Immersive Suite, you'll find even more gaming equipment, including VR headsets, simulators, and walkers.


Study physical networking and virtual networking and learn how to secure networks from cybersecurity threats in the CyberZone.

The space has been recently refurbished, so you’ll benefit from the most up-to-date equipment, which includes comms racks, switches, and firewalls, as well as high-spec PCs.

3D Interactive Igloo

Our 3D interactive Igloo sits on the ground floor of David Goldman Technology Centre but can transport you to the setting of your choice. Inside the Igloo is a 360-degree screen and sound system, allowing you to project images and videos and immerse yourself within them, and game engines such as Unity.

You’ll be able to utilise the Igloo space to work on and elevate group projects around gaming and apps.

Data Visualisation Lab

Data visualisation is important as it enables you to identify patterns and gain valuable insights from your complex data. Our new Data Visualisation Lab is the perfect facility for this, as well as a great space for lectures and events. The lab has a nine metre LED wall and a high spec PC.

Collaboration Suite

This space is designed for project management, peer assessment, and collaborative learning. When working on group tasks or your final year project, you’ll use the Collaboration Suite to discuss ideas, issues, and solutions with your classmates. Take advantage of 10 height/tilt adjustable Clevertouch TVs which encourage interactive and immersive learning, enabling you to plan, problem-solve, and visualise your project.