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The University of Sunderland website has been designed to be accessible to all web users. This statement gives information about accessibility features, and levels of conformance to industry standards.

We have attempted to follow relevant standards and good practice for accessibility and usability while developing the University website, including the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. 

We have also tested the site extensively in a wide range of browsers and settings, to ensure that the site functionality is available to as many users as possible.

Standards compliance


All pages on this site conform to the following standards where possible:

Comments and complaints

While we have tried to make the site as accessible as possible in as many situations as possible, we recognise that some problems may remain. Additionally, the size of the site means that some page content may not be as accessible as it could be.

If you feel that the accessibility of a page is not as high as it could be, please get in touch with us.

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