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Dr Aminu Bello Usman

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Head of the School of Computer Science

Before my current role, I held positions of responsibility and leadership, including serving as the Associated Head of Computer and Data Science at York St John University and as the Director of the Cyber Security Research Group at the same institution. My academic journey has taken me to various parts of the world, including New Zealand and Nigeria, where I held teaching and research positions at Auckland University of Technology, NorthTech, and Bayero University, Kano. I have achieved the status of Senior Fellow of the HEA (D3), and I am a registered mentor and assessor for the Advanced HEA.

My primary research interests revolve around IoT, biometric security, applied AI, data privacy, trust, and user privacy. I have a particular passion for IoT communication protocols, and I am dedicated to developing privacy and trust-based models, protocols, and algorithms to address real-world security challenges.

My passion lies in the continuous exploration of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to enhance network and IoT security. I am committed to developing innovative solutions that address the evolving challenges in cybersecurity. In addition to my pedagogical and scholarly pursuits, I actively engage in various professional associations. I am affiliated with the IEEE, ACM, and Chatham House organisations, where I hold memberships. Additionally, I am actively involved in the academic community as a reviewer for several esteemed journals.

Teaching and supervision

I teach cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, and networks.

Research interests for potential research students

  • IoT device authentication and authorisation mechanisms
  • Trust and behavioral analysis for identifying privacy violations
  • Privacy-preserving data analytics techniques
  • Privacy-enhancing technologies for healthcare data
  • Privacy implications of emerging technologies (eg AI, IoT)
  • Intrusion detection and prevention systems for IoT networks
  • Privacy-preserving techniques for IoT data
  • Energy-efficient security mechanisms for resource-constrained IoT devices
  • Machine learning-based threat detection and response
  • Smart farming and precision agriculture technologies
  • Blockchain and decentralised IoT solutions for supply chain traceability


My current research includes:

  • Privacy and biometric authentication within the context of smart healthcare systems
  • Privacy by design framework for biometric IoT systems
  • Securing medical information transmission between IoT devices
  • Toward developing trust-based mechanisms in human-robot interactions: explainability and transparency in AI decision-making
  • Exploring how trust in AI and robots varies across different cultures and societies
  • Privacy by design framework for biometric IoT systems
  • Trust-based mechanisms for autonomous machines
  • Securing medical information transmission between IoT devices 
  • Cross-cultural variations in trust in AI and robots
  • Low-cost IoT-based solutions for smart agriculture
  • Privacy and biometric authentication in smart healthcare systems 

Last updated 28 February 2024