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Dr Tracey Platt

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Principal Lecturer and Team Leader for Psychology

I graduated from York St John, then a College of the University of Leeds with a BSc (Hons) in Psychology. I went on to undertake an MSc in Work and Organisational Psychology from the University of Hull. 

Securing funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation, I followed my research interest in Personality and Humour and spent the next three years completing my PhD and teaching at the University of Zurich, Switzerland with a summa cum laude.

I have also worked in two large research consortiums. The first, working on ILAHIRE, an EU project FP7 which aimed at incorporating laughter into Human Avatar interactions, and the second for NCCR Lives, a Swiss National research group which aimed at researching overcoming vulnerability from a life course perspective.


My research interest lies in understanding many aspects of interactions, especially how emotions are non-verbally communicated. This gives me a lot of freedom to be able to study many novel aspects relating to human interactions. That said, I tend to focus on positive emotions, especially humour interactions and the potential negative aspects of those. I also utilize the Facial Action Coding System in my work, which allows for objective methodology to my studies.


Number of items: 11.


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Conference or Workshop Item

Wilkie, Stephanie, Platt, Tracey and Delicato, Louise (2023) The influence of place-related identity and trait cheerfulness on environmental perception, emotion and mood. In: International Society for the Study of Individual Differences Conference, 18-21 Jul 2023, Belfast, UK. (Unpublished)

Wilkie, Stephanie, Platt, Tracey and Trotter, Hannah (2022) Impact of an online micro-restorative experience on mood, emotion, and perceived restorativeness: Matters of place preference. In: International Association of Person-Enviroment Studies Bi-Annual Conference, 4-8 Jul 2022, Lisbon, Portugal.

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