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Senior Lecturer in Education

I have had a number of roles at the University. I am principally a Senior Lecturer in Education and in the past have been Programme Leader for PGCE Education DL – one of the University's largest courses and sat by trainee teachers in over 60 countries – while working extensively across on-campus provision. I am now the Pathway Manager for the Assessment Only Route to Qualified Teacher Status (UK and overseas) while also moving back to module leadership on PGCE Education.

I am in my second tenure as an elected member of the University Board of Governors – a position that I am very proud to fill so that I can continue to serve and support the work and growth of the University. I am also a Senior Fellow of the HEA.

My current day-to-day role on the AOR to QTS pathway involves overseeing practical teaching assessments for national and international teachers looking to achieve Qualified Teacher Status. My wider role involves observing teachers nationally and internationally, supporting and developing a large body of experienced teaching staff, and sitting on a range of strategic university groups, committees, and panels. I am also a Personal Academic Tutor to an international cohort of trainee teachers, while co-leading the practicum element of PGCE Education.

I have also had the privilege of teaching a wide-ranging education history module (EDU101) that covers the advent of fire and the passing of vital life skills in the Neanderthal period, to the Spartan 'agoge', Incan and Aztec education systems, education in the Industrial Revolution, and the tripartite system of the 1940s and 1950s UK. Education history is indeed one of my main passions.

I began my teaching career almost two decades ago. I initially taught in FE (basic skills tutoring), moved into secondary teaching after gaining QTS via the GTP, took up a position teaching English literature and literary theory at the University in 2008 (Romanticism, Medieval Literature, Gothic novel), moved into teacher training a few years later, and have since progressed to a full-time senior position in teacher training and education studies.

I have been at the University in some capacity since 1993. I completed my undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional qualifications at the University and hope to be here for many years to come. My job at the University is varied and it is a great honour to work alongside a group of dedicated, determined, and knowledgeable colleagues, trainees, and students.

Teaching and supervision

My teaching in the education team has included running three of the four PGCE (all phases) core modules (EDP380, EDPM01, and EPDM97) and a core Education Studies 'History of Education' module (EDU101). I have coordinated the support, guidance, and assessment of over 3000 postgraduate research papers and also support my cohort of research projects and dissertations.

I have also delivered and coordinated the PgCert course to our off-site SCITT partners.

I am also now one of the country's most experienced international teacher assessors due to my work on the Assessment Only Route to QTS pathway.


My research interests lie in the following areas: worldwide education history; Spartan and Athenian education systems, ideologies, and philosophies; the relationship between education and the needs of society; the intersection between philosophy and education; the influence of religion on historical education systems and models; how weaker learners can be supported via individually targeted feedback; and issues surrounding inclusion in the modern school setting.

I am co-author of a number of papers relating to formative and summative assessment.


Number of items: 12.

Conference or Workshop Item

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  • Teacher education and training
  • Distance learning
  • International teacher assessment
  • The history of education
  • Classical Greek education and philosophy
  • The Spartan 'agoge'
  • Education in early period Meso-America
  • Education and the changing nature of childhood in Victorian Britain
  • Assessment theory and models
  • Literary theory
  • Romantic literature and poetry
  • Gothic and neo-gothic literature
  • Fantasy literature

Aside from teaching, I have also worked as an examiner and team leader for AQA, as an educational consultant, as a journalist and editor, and as an election campaign manager and coordinator.

I have also been the owner of a video production company and held a Fellowship at Teesside University.

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