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Dr Miguel A. Gomes Gargamala, SFHEA

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Senior Lecturer

I received my bachelor’s degree in English Linguistics and Literature from the University of Vigo in 2004 and my MA in Comparative Medieval Literature in 2006. I also obtained a Master's degree in 2006 in Teaching in Secondary Schools, Vocational Training and Language Centres.

In 2007 I left Spain and moved to Newcastle upon Tyne. Since then I have worked for several institutions and universities in the North East, including Durham University, The North East Centre for Lifelong Learning and Gosforth Academy. In 2015 I completed a Phd in English Literature with an international mention (Confronting Evil and the Monstrous ‘Other’ in Beowulf and its filmic adaptations: Understanding Heroic Action and the Limits of Knowledge).

I am also a trained teacher of Spanish in Higher Education (University of Durham, 2010). For many years I was a literature and history tutor at the Joseph Cowen Centre for Lifelong Learning in Newcastle. I have also been a visiting researcher at the Universities of Durham and Oxford.

Here at the University of Sunderland I am a Senior Lecturer contributing to different teams in the School of Education and the School of Media and Communications.

Teaching and supervision

Since I joined The University of Sunderland in 2007 I have undertaken a variety of roles within the School of Culture and have lectured across subjects. At the moment I am part of the teaching team on the following degrees:

I currently lead and/or teach in a range of modules:

  • LAC203 Language in Education
  • HIS327 Northumbria in the Age of Bede
  • MFL326 Final year project in French and Spanish
  • SPA 376 Spanish Language and Culture 6
  • SPA 385 Spanish Language and Literature

I currently co-organise the Humanities Research Seminars and Reading Group and have in previous years organised "The Languages and TESOL Research Seminars" as well as "The Languages Film Club"

Supervision: I am supervising a number of PhD students and have supervised undergraduate dissertations in MFL and History on a great variety of topics.

I am happy to work with prospective research students who wish to do research that relates to one or more of my areas of expertise.

Research interests for potential research students

I approach research from a multidisciplinary perspective. Specialising in the early medieval period and its adaptations in the context of the modern world, I look at the Old English literary corpus and aim to work on translations of the most significant texts into modern languages (eg Spanish and Galician). At the moment, I am working on the first verse alliterative translation of the Old English elegies into Spanish, which I expect to complete and publish in 2019.

As someone who contributes to different teams across two faculties, I have conducted research on Early Medieval Literature and History, translation studies, local history and 18th-20th century Spanish literature.


My research interests include the translation of medieval texts, Old English language and literature, historical linguistics, Spanish literature and film, comparative literature and  the study of cinematic adaptations of medieval texts.


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Book Section

Gomes Gargamala, Miguel (2020) “A Triangular Affair”: Oddities, Readability and Excitement in the Translation of the Old English Elegies into Spanish. In: Literature, Science & Religion Textual Transmission and Translation in Medieval and Early Modern Europe. Problemata Literaria 88 . Edition Reichenberger, 235 -256. ISBN 9783967280036

Gomes Gargamala, Miguel (2018) LANDSCAPES OF EVIL AND THE NARRATIVE PATTERN IN BEOWULF: THE ANGLO-SAXON HERO’S JOURNEY THROUGH THE LABYRINTH. In: Textual Reception and Cultural Debate in Medieval English Studies. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Lady Stephenson Library, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 2PA, UK, pp. 129-154. ISBN ISBN (10): 1-5275-0652-5 ISBN (13): 978-1-5275-0652-7

Gomes Gargamala, Miguel (2012) From lofgeornost to the most eager for sex: 30 years of Beowulfian monsters on screen (1981-2011)in Weaving New perspectives together. Some reflections on literary studies. Edited by María Alonso Alonso, Jeannette Bello Mota, Alba de Béjar Muíños and Laura Torrado Mariñas. In: Weaving New perspectives together. Some reflections on literary studies. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, pp. 36-57. ISBN 978-1-4438-3911-2


Gomes Gargamala, Miguel (2019) ‘Encadenados por el pesar’: A translation of the Old English Elegies into Spanish - Introduction. La Oficina de Arte y Ediciones. ISBN 9788494971440


Gomes Gargamala, Miguel (2015) ‘Confronting Evil and the monstrous “other” in Beowulf and its filmic adaptations: Understanding heroic action and the limits of knowledge.’. Post-Doctoral thesis, University of Vigo.

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