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Valentine’s Day Disasters

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Published: February 11, 2019

Valentine’s Day is often associated with romantic dinners flowers and chocolates…but not for all. With high expectations, can come difficult, even embarrassing situations, but entertaining none the less. Below I’ve shared some of these situations provided to me directly from my friends, with the aim to show that Valentine’s Day is not always about having the perfect day.

heart break

Story 1: Choosing double can get you in trouble…

“Years ago, just a couple of days before Valentine’s Day I wanted to ask a girl to go out on a date but sadly I was rejected. A few hours later I was invited to a party by a female friend however when the day actually came, the first girl I asked how changed her mind and agreed to the date. I’d already said yes to going to the party, so rather than canceling, I asked the girl to the party too. When we arrived, I went to go get us drinks and say hello to my friend who was hosting. What I didn’t realise was that my friend was expecting for us to spend some time together, I panicked and rather than explaining that I was already on a date, I went along with it. Later on that night I spotted the two of them talking and knew it was over, the girls realised what was happening straight away and I was promptly slapped across the face for leading them both along. Moral of the story, only date one person at a time!


Story 2: Don’t blow your own horn

“My friend and I both agree that Valentines is a pointless, over commercialised holiday so when the day came, we decided to go out for a casual dinner as we had no plans. Shortly after arriving in the restaurant, my friends crush entered with his date, and after spotting us, they joined us at our table. The dinner soon turned awkward as it was apparent that he was more interested in my friend which was great for her (just not so much for the girl he brought with him.) My friend tried to bring her into the conversation as it turned to their dreams and future plans, which for some reason caused the guy to mock them both stating that they would never be able to achieve such things. His original date stormed off quickly after which caused my friend to giggle nervously, however, this seemed to annoy him as he then turned on her. We made our excuse to leave pretty quickly after that and left him at the table alone. The guy went from having two girls interested in him to 0 in the space on an hour through sheer arrogance. Moral of the story, cockiness will get you nowhere.


Story 3: A picture is not always worth a thousand words..

“I work in a restaurant and Valentines is obviously one of our busiest times. I was tending to a table of a ‘picture perfect’ couple who, like most people nowadays, spent most of their time on their phones. It was a charade of pictures of the other person, pictures together followed by pictures of their food, at no point did they even stop to enjoy each others company, it was all for their online image. I even overheard them arguing about what pictures to use on the others profile, what hashtags to use everything you can imagine. It got worse though, as when they went to pay, it turned out that the guy didn’t have enough money to cover the meal. The girl got angry as it turns out she didn’t even want to come to this particular restaurant and now she was being forced to cover the cost alone. They left the restaurant arguing, but what remained was their online pictures showing a completely different type of evening, after all, this was the image they wanted the world to see. Moral of the story, not everything that you see online is real, and sometimes the happiest of couples, are going through their own issues just like everyone else.

So hopefully these three short stories show that not every Valentines turns out magical. Things can go wrong, people can mess up and some can just get a bit too carried away. What is important to remember is that we shouldn’t let one day out of the year influence the way we spend it. Spend valentines how you choose, whether it’s celebrating with your partner, friends or just yourself as a normal day.

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