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Top 7 exam hacks

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Published: May 2, 2018

Exams can be tough. They could be closed book, where you only have your brain to help you, or open book where you can have notes galore. You may even be faced with multiple choice questions. Despite there being many different ways to examine your knowledge, exams require preparation – after all practice makes perfect (or so they say!) As a third year journalism student, I’ve had a fair few exams to tackle. Here’s my top 7 hacks for preparing for exams.

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1. Work out the best way to revise – for you


It’s great to revise with a group of friends, but remember that they may revise differently to you. There are many ways to revise: mind maps, flashcards, drawings, voice recordings… the list goes on. Try out the best methods for you and stick with them. It’ll help you remember the information you need to. It’s also important to note that you may prefer to revise on your own – that’s okay too!

2. Block distractions

Distractions take your attention away from the task at hand – and if you’re trying to remember something while things are going on around you then they could make things difficult. Move anything that you may notice out of your way - whether that’s a phone, games console or any electronic device that you’re not using. They’re too tempting!

3. Listen to music – if it helps

Some people find it helpful to listen to music. This may not work not everyone, but give it a go!

4. Regularly check what you know against the syllabus

If you’re confident with a topic then you should double check what you know against the syllabus. If there’s things that you're not so comfortable with, revise them and then check what you know. Keep doing this regularly.

5. Use the PowerPoints slides your lecturers have provided

There are resources out there that your lecturers provide to help you with exam preparation. You can go through their lectures and make notes from there. They are designed to help you so use them!

6. Quiz your friends and get others to quiz you

Get others involved in your revision. It can be a family member or a friend. A good technique is for them to ask you a question and you answer or even better them asking you to tell them everything you know about a topic! It really is up to you!

7. Plan in social time to break up revision sessions

Revision can be a lengthy process so it’s important to plan in social time in order to break up revision sessions. You can have a quick snack and a beverage or whatever you prefer!

What are your revision hacks? Let us know!

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