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  1. When and how can I apply for a scholarship or bursary?

    You can apply for a scholarship or bursary after you apply for a full-time undergraduate course at the University of Sunderland, starting in autumn 2021.

  2. How do I apply for a scholarship?

    Find out how to apply for University of Sunderland Scholarships and Bursaries...

  3. Why do I need to apply for a bursary and what is the application deadline date?

    We want the awarding of our bursaries to be fair and transparent; that is why we insist that all applications are made by midday on 31 May 2021.

  4. What are the under-represented groups in higher education?

    Our priority for bursaries are the students from groups under-represented in higher education. The Office for Students (the higher education regulator) has defined these as...

  5. Do I have to provide evidence if I believe I belong to an under-represented group?

    Yes. Although we can assess most of your eligibility for a bursary from your student record, we will need a teacher or other professional aware of your circumstances to provide evidence.

  6. Will I automatically receive a bursary award if I apply?

    No, making an application does not make you eligible to receive a bursary.

  7. Can I apply for more than one scholarship?

    Yes, you can apply for more than one scholarship. However, you can only apply for each scholarship once.

  8. When will I know if I have been successful and will receive a bursary award?

    Following the bursary closing date we will assess your application fairly, based on the evidence you provided and your student record. We rank all applications in order of priority and will make provisional bursary awards to applicants in August 2021.

  9. I want to study part-time, can I apply for a scholarship?

    Scholarships are available to full-time students only.

  10. How do I upload a photo for my annual travel ticket?

    When you join the University you will need to upload a photo which will appear on your Get There Scholarship travel ticket...

  11. I have a question about scholarships, who can I contact?

    To find out more information please contact the Scholarships team: scholarships@sunderland.ac.uk or call 0191 515 2865.

  12. Can I receive any help towards my living costs?

    Yes. Full-time students can apply for a maintenance loan on the gov.uk website...

  13. Who should I contact about a Maintenance Loan?

    You should contact our Student Financial Guidance team on 0191 515 2933 or via email studentfinancialguidance@sunderland.ac.uk...

  14. Can a lost travel ticket be replaced?

    Lost or stolen tickets can be replaced free of charge once at any time during the validity of the ticket...

  15. What is the ELCAS scholarship?

    Learn more about ELCAS sponsorship, an Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme from the Ministry of Defence.

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