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Can I study in the UK as a Graduate Route visa holder?

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Study is restricted under the terms and conditions of the Graduate Route visa. This visa type is intended to provide graduates (of a relevant course) the opportunity to find work opportunities in the UK. The study condition of the Graduate Route visa explains you cannot study any course which could be sponsored by a study provider under the Student Route visa category. In result, examples of permitted study are:

  • Part-time undergraduate course
  • English language courses
  • Some professional courses
  • Any study at a college or university that is not a Student route visa sponsor
  • Online study
  • Evening classes
  • Recreational courses

You will need to contact the course provider to clarify whether you can or cannot study your desired course as a Graduate Route visa holder.  

For more information, please visit the International Student Support (ISS) website. Alternatively, submit a Compass enquiry and an ISS Adviser will help you.

Published: 2 June 2021