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On-campus support

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  1. Can you help me with my career choices and planning for my future?

    Information on the many ways we can help you explore your career options, clarify your ideas, develop a career focus and make effective applications.

  2. What support do you offer for enterprise and employability?

    Our comprehensive Employability and Enterprise services are here to ensure that your academic journey doesn't just lead to a degree but serves as a launchpad for a successful career.

  3. Can I practice my faith at the University?

    Yes – you can practice your faith freely at the University. Our Chaplaincy offers information on the many different places of worship in the area...

  4. Is childcare support available to me?

    The University of Sunderland Childcare Service is open to students, staff and the general public, who can all take advantage of the excellent staff and facilities at St Mary’s on Chester Road.

  5. Is there a counselling service available?

    We have a team of counsellors available to speak to you about anything from issues that are affecting your ability to concentrate on your work/studies to coping with bereavement and anxiety.

  6. Is the campus accessible?

    We recognise that everyone has different accessibility needs which is why we have partnered with AccessAble.

  7. I have a disability – how can you support me with my studies?

    The University offers a support service for students with disabilities and students who have a specific learning difficulty, such as dyslexia.

  8. What financial guidance can you offer me?

    For anyone currently at, or thinking of coming to the University of Sunderland, our Student Financial Guidance Team can offer guidance about all of your financial queries...

  9. What is The Gateway?

    The Gateway is the front face for most student support services in the University, and the Gateway team is here for all student enquiries...

  10. I’m an international student, what support is available to me?

    The University of Sunderland is constantly investing in the future of our students, and the International Student Support Team is here to give expert advice to international students...

  11. Can I get support with my health and wellbeing?

    As a student at the University of Sunderland, our free and confidential Wellbeing service ensures you’re supported with any health issues you’re facing...

  12. What safety measures are there on campus?

    Your safety is very important to us at Sunderland, and we provide a number of support services to help you to study and socialise in a safe environment.

  13. Do you have a Book of Remembrance?

    At the University of Sunderland, we try to celebrate and honour the lives of students and staff who die during their time studying or working with us...

  14. I’m a mature student, what support is there for me?

    As a mature student, there is plenty of support available to help you through your studies...