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Animating a passion for Tall Ships

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Published on 16 July 2018

Brass Tacks
Brass Tacks

When Roger Thomas, Programme Leader for BA Games and App Design, was approached to create a short animation to celebrate the Tall Ships, he turned to local children for inspiration.

"My partner. Rebecca Newsome, is a Primary teacher at JFK Primary in Washington and they, like most of the schools in the Sunderland area are studying the "Tall Ships” as topic.

"I took some photo’s along the river, put together a Powerpoint, Rebecca showed them to her class (Year 4) and they wrote poems in response.  We went through them together and picked out the best lines/quotes, I subsequently included as many of these as possible in the motion graphic - Brass Tacks."

Brass Tacks

In the cold, dark sky

Only the stars could help him

Find his way home

Steadily the vessel sailed

Out onto the smooth sea

While a luminous moon shone brightly 

John F. Kennedy Primary.  Washington.  Year 4 Class.  Teacher, Rebecca Newsome.