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Public Lecture Series 2020/21

Our CASS public lecture series is open to the public to engage and attract external practitioners and academics. 


In 2020/21, the following Public Lectures were held:

'Exploring the concept of Hate Relationships in the study of Hate Crime' by Prof Stephen Macdonald, Prof Catherine Donovan (Durham University) & Dr John Clayton (Northumbria University).
Wednesday 30 June 2021, 15.00-17.00

'The carceral existence of social work academics: a Foucauldian analysis of social work education in English universities' by Dr Diane Simpson
Wednesday 26 May 2021

'Lost England? A Post-Brexit Travelogue in Pandemic Times’ by Prof. Roger Burrows (Newcastle University)
Wednesday 28 April 2021

'A Qualitative ‘Evaluation’ of the Bystander Project: the problem of binaries' by Dr Nicola Roberts,
Dr Julie Ovington and Ms Heaven Marsh.
Wednesday 17 March 2021

'Incredible Witnesses: Barriers to justice for people with learning disabilities’ by Dr Helen Williams
Wednesday 24 February 2021

‘The Children’s Community: Story of Place’ by Dr Lesley Deacon and Ms Zeta Bikova
Wednesday 27 January 2021

'Universal Free School Breakfast: a Socioecological Perspective' by Dr Louise Harvey-GoldingWednesday 9 December 2020

'These are vulnerable people who don't have a voice': Exploring constructions of vulnerability and ageing in the context of safeguarding older people by Dr Sarah Lonbay
Wednesday 25 November 2020

'Nature, Nurture and Future: narratives of women who are not mothers’ by Dr Sheila Quaid
Wednesday 28 October 2020