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Public Lectures 2017/18

Our CASS public lecture series is open to the public to engage and attract external practitioners and academics. 


In 2017-18, the following Public Lectures were held:

'You Can Spot Them A Mile Off' ⁠— Slut-Shaming, Sex Education and Social Class', Dr Helen Williams, University of Leeds
Wednesday 25 April 2018

'Exploring Postindustrial Urban Identities in the Cultural and Creative Industries', Matt Durey, University of Northumbria
Wednesday 21 March 2018

'Including and Involving Young People (under 18's) in Hate Research', James Pickles, University of Northumbria
Wednesday 28 February 2018

‘Young People as Cultural Critics on the Mono-cultural Landscapes that Fail Them’. Reporting on important research conducted with young Asian People in Sunderland', Dr Rick Bowler and Dr Amina Raik
Wednesday 31 Janurary 2018

'Reporting on an innovative new way of supporting vulnerable detainees at police stations', Dr Faye Cosgrove and Dr Donna Peacock: Northumbria Local Volunteer Appropriate Adult Scheme: Supporting vulnerable deta
Wednesday 13 December 2017

Agency, Resistance and the Non ‘Ideal Victim’. Reporting on findings from the Emerald Project, Dr Nicola Roberts and Prof Catherine Donovan
Wednesday 29 November 2017

Immigration, Rhetoric, Brexit and Sunderland’ The Launch of the CASS Working Paper Series,  Dr Rick Bowler and Prof Pete Rushton
Wednesday 1st November 2017

'Man-Made Woman’, Dr Ciara Cremin. An ex-colleague in Social Sciences, Dr Cremin spoke about her latest book of the same name
Wednesday 20 September 2017