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North East Raising Aspiration Partnership (NERAP)

The North East Raising Aspiration Partnership (NERAP) is a collaboration of the five universities in the North East of England. Our vision is to improve Higher Education progression in the region and to ensure that young people in the North East are fully supported to make informed decisions about their future. Working alongside key stakeholders, we focus our outreach activity where added value can be achieved collaboratively. We create targeted and progressive interventions for students currently underrepresented in Higher Education.

Individually, each university in the region delivers a wide range of programmes and activities to support Higher Education decision making. Jointly, we coordinate a range of collaborative activities for students in primary and secondary education, and specific targeted support for underrepresented groups. The Partnership also delivers events for teachers, advisers, parents and carers to support information, advice and guidance given to young people across the region.

Outreach activity

The North East Raising Aspiration Partnership provides a range of activities, workshops and information sessions covering all aspects of student life and access to university, delivered by our fully trained team of Higher Education Ambassadors. Our sessions are tailored to meet the differing requirements of students from Year 2 through to Year 11, providing informative, engaging activities to ensure your students come away from the session with an understanding of their options within post compulsory education.

Underrepresented groups

NERAP are committed to ensuring all students have equal and fair access to Higher Education. We deliver bespoke sessions as well as targeted programmes of activity to support pre and post-16 care experienced young people and young carers to explore their future options. Visit www.nerap.ac.uk/choices to find out more about our current progressive programme, Choices Together.

Teacher resources

The North East Raising Aspiration Partnership offers a full suite of activities in the form of ‘A Teacher’s Guide to Inspiring Futures in the North East’ resource for KS2 and KS4 teachers, to deliver a full introduction to Higher Education in the North East. Each module contains the lesson plans and presentations you need to deliver an engaging lesson. All worksheets and resources are provided in a downloadable version of our popular guides and can be accessed completely free of charge on http://www.nerap.ac.uk/teachersguide.

More information

Website: www.nerap.ac.uk
Email: info@nerap.ac.uk
Tel: 0191 208 3128