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Upgrading our Engineering & Computing facilities

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In the Faculty of Technology, we appreciate that advancements in technology are happening at an incredibly fast pace, so we are continually searching for new and innovative technologies to benefit our student’s experience. We’re delving into some of the most exciting additions we’ve recently made as the Faculty has invested significantly in equipment to benefit our courses and students.

Meet Bernard, our Boston Dynamics robot

A robot dog moving up the stairs

Bernard is the faculty’s highly advanced robot dog. We’re particularly excited to be home to Bernard as only a few universities in the UK have access to this technology. The Boston Dynamics’ Automated Robot, worth over £75,000, is used for cutting edge industry applications such as factory and hazard inspection and clean-up. It is widely considered to be one of the most advanced quadrupedal robots in the world.

Bernard the robot on the stairs

We’ll be using Bernard in a whole host of ways moving forward, including promoting our courses at Open Days and events. We’ll be showcasing just how much technology can do, and how we can apply it in a practical way to solve everyday tasks. Our students will also get the opportunity to learn how to control and programme Bernard to carry out independent actions.

“We are reimagining Computer Science and Engineering. Bernard sits at the forefront of these disciplines with the latest engineering and computing technology.”

- Professor John Murray, Academic Dean in the Faculty of Technology

3D interactive Igloo

A recent addition to the Faculty of Technology is our 3D interactive Igloo, which you can find in the heart of the David Goldman Technology Centre. The Igloo immerses you in a 360-degree screen and sound system, transporting you to a world of your choice. We’ll be using the Igloo in a multitude of ways, from projecting teaching materials to providing an innovative project space for members of the faculty and beyond.

3D igloo resized

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Advances in Virtual and Augmented Reality have moved on significantly in recent times, so in response to this we’ve invested heavily in VR and AR equipment. We commissioned a fully equipped Virtual and Augmented Reality lab, plus an Industry 4.0 Automated Factory space with full Vicon motion capture and tracking capabilities. This will allow our students to experience Virtual Reality like never before.

A visitor using a VR headset

Updating our courses

To complement the technology enhancements we have invested in, we’re also continually reviewing our curriculum to ensure that our courses offer exciting opportunities that are current and up to date. Our module content has been deliberately designed to consider and reflect the constantly evolving technology industry.

Our courses provide students with the skills needed to enhance their employability opportunities, both during their course and after they have graduated. You can find out more about all of our courses, including module content and teaching methods, on the course page within the Computing and Engineering subject areas.

Published: 19 January 2022