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  1. Alastair Stewart: What it takes to become a journalist

    Journalism may have been regarded as a soft option a few years ago. This is no longer the case, according to award-winning Journalist and Broadcaster Alastair Stewart OBE. A revered media presence, here he shares his expert insight into the changing face of journalism and offers advice to aspiring journalists.

  2. Carole Watson: An insight into Journalism at Sunderland

    With a journalism career spanning 25 years, Carole Watson is now Programme Leader in Fashion Journalism at the University of Sunderland. Here, she shares an insight into her distinguished career and talks about the opportunities Sunderland has to offer aspiring journalists.

  3. Kevin Maguire: How to succeed in the journalism industry

    Want to know what it takes to become a journalist? We asked British political journalist and Associate Editor at the Daily Mirror, Kevin Maguire, to share his expert insight into what it takes to make it in the journalism industry.

  4. Life after graduation: Where can a degree in Journalism lead you?

    One University of Sunderland journalism graduate who decided to move into Public Relations is Amy Watson, Communications Manager at Sunderland Software City. Here, she shares her career insight into how transferable journalism is and offers advice to current students and graduates to achieve career success.

  5. Matt hammers out a new role

    Sports Journalism student Matt Riggs scored a full-time job with West Ham United before he even graduated from the University of Sunderland. Matt beat hundreds of other applicants to land the 12-month editorial internship at the Premier League club, writing for the Hammers’ various publications and producing content for their multi-media platforms, from match day programmes to Snapchat.

  6. 3 ways Sunderland gives you the experience needed to be a journalist

    Getting into journalism can be challenging, but here at the University of Sunderland, we give you all the tools you need to make it as a journalist. Here are just a few of the ways we equip you to make it in the industry.

  7. Eric Bainbridge: Fine Art at Sunderland

    Influential sculptor Eric Bainbridge is internationally-recognised for his contribution to art over the past three decades, producing exhibitions in cities such as London, Milan, Bangkok and New York. Here, he discusses his career insight and shares why the University of Sunderland is a great choice for anyone considering a career in Fine Art.

  8. Why a Fine Art degree is worth it

    Is a Fine Art degree worth it? We often get asked this at the University of Sunderland. For Fine Art graduate Stephanie Goldsmith, the answer is an emphatic “yes!”

  9. Andrew Livingstone: First-class facilities at Sunderland

    We had a chat with Dr Andrew Livingstone, Reader in Glass and Ceramics, to find out what you can expect from the Glass and Ceramics degree at Sunderland.

  10. How to get the most out of your Glass and Ceramics course

    The opportunity to work in the National Glass Centre and the overwhelming support from staff are just some of the reasons that Sarah Heseltine was happy with her decision to study Glass and Ceramics at the University of Sunderland. Here, she shares her insight into getting the most out of your course while studying for your Glass and Ceramics degree.

  11. How to get the most out of your Photography course

    We caught up with Photography Programme Leader, Dave Harvey, and Head of Photography, Arabella Plouviez, at the Northern Centre of Photography to find out what Sunderland has to offer aspiring photographers.

  12. What is it like to work as a freelance Photographer?

    Want to know what it’s like to study Photography, Video and Digital Imaging at the University of Sunderland? And what it's like to work as a freelance Photographer? Here, graduates Esme Fletcher and Charlotte Draper share their experiences.

  13. Creative City Degree Shows

    Our annual Degree Shows celebrate the work of our final year Art and Design students.

  14. Dr Manny Ling: How to get the most out of your Design degree

    We had a chat with Dr Manny Ling, Senior Lecturer in Design, to find out what Sunderland has to offer Design students.

  15. Shauna Hambley: Tips for beginning your Graphic Design career

    Employability days organised by the University and the opportunity to showcase her portfolio of work to industry experts in the Design Degree Show led Shauna Hambley to her dream career: working as a Graphic Designer with design specialists at Everything Different. Here she shares her best practice for getting the most out of your Design course and landing your dream job.

  16. Five tips to triumph at the Royal Television Awards

    For any budding filmmaker, receiving recognition from the Royal Television Society is not only acknowledgement of the quality of your work but can also lead you to a career within the industry. Natacha Richardson and Ellie King achieved just this at this year’s awards, triumphing in the Comedy and Entertainment category for their film The Family Food Fight.

  17. How to get the most out of studying Digital Film Production

    With an array of different options in a fast-growing industry and a whole host of career paths, a degree in Digital Film Production has the potential to not only equip you to find a job in the sector upon graduation, but also hand you the transferable skills that are attractive to employers in a range of sectors.

  18. How to get the most out of studying Film, Media and Cultural Studies

    We had a chat with Dr Martin Shingler, Programme Leader for Film and Media Studies to find out how to get the most out of studying Film, Media and Cultural Studies at degree level.

  19. How to get the most out of your Radio course

    Jay Sykes, received international recognition for his work less than a year after graduating from MA Radio at the University of Sunderland. His radio drama SeaBurn received universal acclaim, winning Best Student Drama Program at the the New York Festivals World’s Best Radio Programs. Here, he shares his insight about why Sunderland is a great place to study radio.

  20. How to make award-winning radio

    For any creative, receiving international recognition for your work is surely the ultimate accolade. Yet for Jay Sykes, it was something that he managed to achieve less than a year after graduating from MA Radio at the University of Sunderland.

  21. Everything you need to know about studying Performing Arts

    For anyone who has a passion for performing, a degree in Performing Arts can be your path to a fulfilling and hugely engaging career. Here at the University of Sunderland, our Performing Arts department has a proud history of delivering quality degrees that are an immersive, enlightening and interactive experience for students.

  22. Five tips to get the most out of your Drama degree

    Here at the University of Sunderland, you’ll be at the centre of a city teeming with culture, working alongside a dedicated and highly skilled team of staff in the ideal surroundings to hone your craft. Lecturer Adelle Hulsmeier gives her five tips to getting the most out of your drama degree.

  23. How to begin your career with a Performing Arts degree

    We place a strong emphasis on ensuring you have the skills and experience that will catch the eye of a wide range of employers and prepare you to start your career from the moment you graduate. As a result, our graduates have gone on to enjoy careers in a range of varied and diverse careers including performance, management, education and many more.

  24. What can you do with a degree in social media?

    A few years ago, the idea of being a ‘Social Media Manager’ would have been almost laughable – how hard can it be to ‘manage’ your notifications!? Social media is so much more than taking selfies, instagramming your breakfast or sharing memes on Facebook though, it’s a powerful business tool that has resulted in an explosion of exciting jobs and careers.