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  1. Everything you need to know about studying a Public Health degree

    We caught up with Yitka Graham, Senior Lecturer in Public Health here at the University, to find out how the department is working hard to bring this broad discipline to life.

  2. Graduate success story: Alison Rennie

    As part of her Public Health course, Alison Rennie carried out inspiring and life-changing work in the Scottish Public Health sector. Alison was a recipient of the Futures Fund scholarship which afforded her to complete a six-week internship at the Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy in Edinburgh.

  3. Everything you need to know about Pre-Reg Pharmacy

    Natasha Kam, a former pharmacy student at the University of Sunderland, completed her Pre-Reg training at a community pharmacy and now works as a Production Pharmacist at Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary. Here's everything she thinks you need to know about Pre-Reg training at the University.

  4. Five alternative careers you can also have with a Pharmacy degree

    You may think the career paths for a pharmacy graduate are limited. High street chemists, hospitals, and the industrial pharmacy sector are common destinations, but did you know this course gives you a lot of transferable skills, so there’s a huge range of other sectors where pharmacy graduates are highly valued? Here are five careers you may never have thought about before...

  5. Dr Ian Whyte: How Sport gives you the skills to succeed

    We caught up with Dr Ian Whyte, Team Leader of Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Sunderland, to find out why Sport is a great subject to study at degree level.

  6. Graduate success story: Dean Fraser

    Since graduating from Sunderland, Dean Fraser’s career has moved quickly out of the blocks. The Sports and Exercise Science graduate has returned to the University to work as a Student Support Liaison Officer after filling a variety of different roles across the North East.

  7. How a placement could be a foot in the door for a career in cosmetic science

    Bagging yourself a placement might just be the foot in the door you need to break into the cosmetic science industry. We caught up with Millie Sadler to talk about what she learned from her placement with Oreon, and where she hopes her experience will take her career.