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Andrew (Drew) Dalton

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Expert for press contact

Senior Lecturer in Sociology / Programme Leader MSc Inequality and Society

My career history:

I'm a Sociologist with significant industry experience in the Third Sector and education over the past twenty years. Throughout this time, I have been involved in the Third Sector in a range of in charity management roles at both operational and senior strategic level. I have experience of fundraising, activism and campaigning, human rights documentation, working with vulnerable adults and children, international development, and community development work.

Previously, I have managed community-based or charitable organisations such as supporting people living with HIV, educating the public on LGBTQI+ histories, and supporting LGBTQI+ Muslims in the United Kingdom.

Currently, I am the Founder and Chair of ReportOUT, a global human rights charity for sexual and gender minorities. Through this, I have recently led, and completed, a research project on the lived experiences of sexual and gender minorities in Uganda, working alongside seven Ugandan partner organisations.

I have also previously worked in and developed youth projects with vulnerable young people and I am a qualified teacher, where I have taught in secondary schools as a former Head of Religion and Philosophy, and in HE colleges as an Access Course Tutor and Foundation Degree Leader.

I have taken part in international development projects exploring topics such as child labour practices in Nepal through the rug and carpet making industries, and I have explored access issues to education for children in rural Kenya.

My qualifications:

I originally studied for a BSc (Hons) Sociology and Social Research and following this, completed an MSc in Social Research at Northumbria University, as well as an MA in Gender Studies at Newcastle University. I have almost completed a PhD at the University of Leeds, exploring the life histories of older heterosexual people living with HIV.

I am also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA). I am a qualified secondary school teacher and trainer, and I have a degree-level certificate in volunteer management.

Research interests and publications:

For research, I am primarily interested in the lived experiences of people living with HIV and AIDS, as well as LGBTQI+ identities, lives and human rights in light of global trans/bi/homophobia and state oppression. My other research interests also include the social impact of global health issues, the role of sexuality in the development of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the sociology of religion and belief.

My previous publications in journals have examined the medicalisation of HIV, and I  have written book chapters on the role of austerity and its effects on HIV services as well as the the difficulties faced by LGBTQI+ Muslims in the United Kingdom.

I am currently the Chief Editor of an upcoming book (the 'Queer Guide to Global Human Rights') for the charity ReportOUT, which will examine what is happening in different nation states to sexual and gender minorities.

I am also a Co-Editor of another upcoming book examining the role of gender and sexuality in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Within this, I am writing a book chapter exploring the potential effects of climate change on sexual and gender minorities globally.


I was the winner of the 2016 North East Equality Awards 'Individual Who Makes a Difference' and the winner of the 2019 'Outstanding Contribution Award' at the North East LGBTQI+ Awards. I have also been shortlisted for awards at the Rainbow Honors Awards and the National Diversity Awards.

In 2021, I was very proud to be ranked at number 64 on the Pride Power List of the top 100 influential LGBTQI+ people in the United Kingdom.

In terms of teaching and learning, I received the 'Vice Chancellor Teaching Fellowship' (2020-2021) which is a funded project exploring gamification and games-based learning for staff to enhance curriculum design. I have also proudly won a number of teaching awards throughout my career so far.

I am currently the Programme Leader for the MSc Inequality and Society as well as Module Leader for a number of modules.

Teaching and supervision

I am the Programme Leader for, and actively teach on the MSc Inequality and Society and the BSc (Hons) Sociology degree. I am also the Module Leader for the following:

BSc (Hons) Sociology undergraduate modules:
  • Religion and Belief: Social Glue or Social Conflict?
  • Our Planet: Global Health, Poverty and Inequality

MSc Inequality and Society modules:
  • Fear of a Queer Planet? Sexuality and Inequality
  • A Troubled World? Activism, Resistance and Social Justice

I also supervise dissertations for the MSc Inequality and Society.

Research interests for potential research students

My research interests focus broadly on the global human rights of sexual and gender minorities, the roles of sexuality and international development, HIV and AIDS and global health issues. I am very interested in queer issues and human rights, including the nature and impact of global trans/bi/homophobia in nation states and the impact of the nation state on the lives of queer people. I am particularly interested in the lived experiences of queer Muslims and the role of religion and belief in society.


I have completed previous research projects examining the social attitudes toward people living with HIV, and public knowledge of HIV transmission, in the North East of England. As well as this, I completed a project on the life histories of people living with HIV in the UK. I have also completed research examining the effects of the UK government's austerity cuts on HIV charitable organisations within the Third Sector, and I have published work on the medicalisation of HIV and what this means for the changing nature of HIV stigma.

For my PhD study I explored the experiences of older heterosexual people living with HIV.

As an outcome of my life histories of people living with HIV in the UK research, I have since developed 'Positive Allies' a new HIV charter mark for employers and volunteer organisations. This is in partnership with the University of Sunderland to ensure that UK employers, and organisations with volunteers, demonstrate that they are 'HIV friendly' and non-discriminatory in their employment practices toward people living with HIV.

I have recently came to the end of a global research project which explored the lived experiences of sexual and gender minorities in Uganda, and I have completed an upcoming book chapter on the problems faced by LGBTQI+ Muslims in the United Kingdom. I am currently Co-Editor of an upcoming book about gender, sexuality and the United Nations SDGs and within this, I am writing a book chapter about about the effects of climate change on sexual and gender minorities globally. Alongside this, I am currently working as a Co-Editor of a global guide to queer rights covering different nation states across the globe.

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Book Section

Dalton, Andrew (2018) Cutting the Ribbon? Austerity Measures and the Problems Faced by the HIV Third Sector. In: Austerity Policies: Bad Ideas in Practice. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 173-195. ISBN 978-3-319-79120-3


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Conference or Workshop Item

Dalton, Andrew (2015) '"I have a story to tell and I need to somehow help others by telling it". Living with HIV/AIDS and the usefulness of Life Histories as an Educational Tool for the Wider Community.'. In: European Sociological Association's 12th Annual Conference: 'Differences, Inequalities and Sociological Imagination'., 25-28 Aug 2015, Prague Congress Centre, Prague, Czech Republic. (Unpublished)

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Dalton, Andrew (2014) 'HIV and AIDS Awareness'. In: CPD Training, 2014, Northumbria University. (Unpublished)

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Dalton, Andrew (2013) Modern Weddings. 1 Apr 2012 - 30 Mar 2014, Newcastle Discovery Museum.

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  • HIV and AIDS: stigma and lived experiences of people living with HIV;
  • HIV and ageing;
  • LGBTQI+ history and identities;
  • Global trans/bi/homophobia and forms of oppression and resistance;
  • Global human rights inequalities faced by sexual and gender minorities;
  • Global health issues and their social impacts;
  • International development, the role of the United Nations SDGs and sexuality;
  • The sociology of religion and experiences of LGBTQI Muslims.
Twitter: I am a regular user of Twitter. Follow me for updates on all aspects of my research: @DrewDalton1980

Blog: I also run the Social Sciences blog site. Please check it out to read about our undergraduate student's example work, commentaries and university experiences.

In the media:

I welcome press enquiries around my campaign and research specialisms and I am a regular contributor to print, televised media, podcasts and radio. I have been featured on Channel 4 News, ITV News, the BBC, Gaydio and BBC Radio. I have also been a regular news contributor to the television shows 'Made with Pride' and 'Pride World TV', delivering the global and national LGBTQI+ news features.

I have been featured in, and have written for, Times Higher Education, the Gay Times, Huffington Post, the Independent and Positive Nation.

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