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Linking research and teaching

The University of Sunderland curriculum model requires teachers to make explicit links between research and teaching.

These links are essential as they:

  • Ensure our teaching and student learning is contemporary, dynamic and grounded in finding answers to real-world problems
  • Connects an academic’s research and teaching roles in a way which enhances esteem and demonstrates cutting edge discipline knowledge
  • Promotes research awareness and opportunities for students to participate and collaborate in research both now and in the future

Approaches to linking research and teaching

Several approaches exist and Ireland’s National Academy for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning and provided several useful definitions, these include:

Research orientated teaching and learning: the curriculum explores ways of knowing and sources of knowledge to assist students to underpin practice using research evidence.

Research informed teaching and learning: the teaching methods used and / or the content delivered is informed by relevant research. The evidence base behind concepts should be actively communicated to the student.

Research based teaching and learning: the curriculum contains opportunities and activities through which knowledge is created. This should lead to the development of research aware or research active students.

More information

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